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What Men Think About Sex after Birth

Pregnancy and giving birth is an amazing phase in a woman’s life and it also has a significant impact on her body and her sexuality. This will generate changes in the way her partner perceives her as well and the way the couple’s sex life evolves in the future. Due to these changes that can be more or less obvious, depending on the woman’s body and personal anatomy, your sexual encounters might suffer certain modifications. But there is no need to worry because your man will most likely become even more sexual after you gave birth and there are several positive benefits of having sex after such an experience. And if you ever wondered what a man might feel regarding your sex scenes after giving birth, here are some changes that happen in their mind!

1. They find your body so much more attractive

A pregnant woman is considered to be more attractive by the majority of men. They get easily turned on by simply seeing one and if they have one at home, is even better. But the intensity of this sexual energy increases even more after giving birth. Your man will most likely love to discover new ways of stimulating your body again after you had a child. They will pay extra attention to your breasts and even make you wear a pair of nipple clamps to spice things up in the bedroom. But that is not all, they will also add some anal plugs and even some bondage accessories and you will love all the sexual attention that you are getting. Especially since you will also discover your own sexuality all over again after your body went through such intense changes. There is no need to refrain your sexual desires after having a child, since your partner will only want to explore them more and give you amazing orgasms one after another!

2. They feel more excited by your genitalia

Your man will get his focus on your vagina more than anything else and while there are obvious reasons for this, he might discover new ways to give you some intense sexual pleasure and satisfaction along the way. If you never used a vibrator together, now is the time to start. Because they will want you as excited as you can get, and they will do everything it takes to lead you to that ultimate point of sexual satisfaction. You might even enjoy some hot sessions of oral sex from your partner and explore together the magical sexual pleasure that your clitoris can give you for both of your benefits. And sexual intercourse is so much more intense and exciting after such a complex foreplay.

3. They want to experience more sexual fetishes with you than before

If you think that you partner will not be so open to explore new sexual fetishes and fantasies after you became a mother, you are wrong. They will get even more inspired by your body and they will want to explore it in more than one way after you gave birth to a child. This is happening because for men, giving birth is a magical experience and your body will become just as magical after that. For them, it will be like having sex with you for the first time all over again only that this time it will be so much more exciting and intense. Don’t be surprised if they add some new sex toys and accessories to your sexual encounters and they come up with some hot fetishes and fantasies during your intimate moments because that is always a good sign. Enjoy the ride and guide them along the way to help your sex life and your relationship grow through all these new experiences and enjoy the new sexual phase that you entered. The only limits that you will have are those set up by yourself and that is never working in the benefit of your relationship so keep an open mind and enjoy the climaxes that are to come.

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