Why Morning Sex is So Hot

Morning sex is one of the most pleasant ways to start your day, even better than coffee! It might be hard to explain why morning sex can be so excited to both you and your partner, but there are certain reasons that will show you what are the secrets of those intense orgasms that you enjoy when the sun is rising! And if you are not a fan of morning sex, you might want to reconsider that because you are missing out on some serious sexual pleasure and satisfaction, not to mention that you will have a lot many more good days if you start them in such an intense and exciting way.

1. It’s spontaneous

Morning sex is spontaneous and that is part of its incredible charm. You wake up and see your lover next to you and there is no reason why you should think twice. Some days you might wake up with certain sexual instincts in your mind and there are big advantages of acting on them when you wake up. Since you are not planning morning sex and you respond to your, already excited, body and perform to satisfy your sexual needs, the orgasm that you and your partner will reach will be so much more exciting. And if your partner is not so excited first thing when they wake up, your chances of turning them on with just a few simple touches and words are so much bigger and their body will be a lot more responsive than you expect! And if you are wearing a sexy lingerie, they really have no chance to resist your charm!

2. You are more excited in the morning

When you wake up, your senses wake up as well and the intensity of everything is higher than it might get along the day or late in the evening. You will be more excited, more anxious and more enthusiastic about different aspects of your life and sex makes no exception. If you have a constant partner, that is going to make you reach an orgasm a lot easier. But even if you are alone there is no reason why you should skip a good session of morning satisfaction. Keep your favorite dildo, vibrator, nipple clamps or other sex toys next to your bed and reach for them when you feel that you need some morning action!

3. It is accessible

The fact that you are already in bed, surrounded by your comfort and you have your partner with you, makes morning sex too accessible to refuse it. And this accessibility makes it even hotter than any other type of sex, at least when we talk about the sexual satisfaction that you can reach without much effort at all. In such circumstances, when your body is already excited, and everything seems to be lined up for you to indulge in some hot sexual fantasy with your lover, your will have a highly intense orgasm and you will feel more refreshed than after a long shower. Even if the shower part is recommended as well! So, morning sex is almost a given and you shouldn’t turn it down unless you have a very serious reason for it!

Having a morning sexual routine can benefit your life in many ways but most important it can increase the connection that you have with your lover. When you start your day together in such an intimate and exciting way, you will feel closer to each other and your relationship will develop in a happier and healthier way over time. And the best part is that you don’t need to do any effort or special preparations to engage in such a hot experience first thing when you wake up. All you need to do is listen to your sexual instincts and make the most out of them along with your sexual partner!

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