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Why Some Married Couples Stop Having Sex

Marriage is not easy, especially after the first years are gone and the enthusiasm is fading. This doesn’t mean the love between the two partners is fading as well, but the passion might come and go in many phases during the years of marriage. And that is why your sex life with your partner needs to be maintained in order to have a happy and healthy relationship with your spouse. But what makes married couples stop having the exciting sexual encounters that they used to have and how can this lack of sex be prevented? This is what we are about di discover!

1. Sex routine

After having sex for some time with the same partner, you might fall into some sort of sex routine that is never beneficial for a long-term relationship. This will make your sexual encounters seem like a mechanical action and not a result of your excitement, which can also seem like some sort of marital obligation. And who wants to have sex out of obligation?! So, you should make sure to add some diversity to your sex life even if you start by taking the baby steps. Use a pair of nipple clamps to start with and after some time you can introduce more developed sex toys and accessories. Once you start treating your sex life as a game, you will find many toys to play with and both of you will look forward to your sexual encounters!

2. Fear of trying something new

Some couples, replace passion and sexual excitement with an excessive form of respect. While it is normal and even recommended to respect your spouse, this behavior should be left outside the bedroom. Your bedroom is your free zone and you can engage in all kinds of sexual practices without being afraid of outside judgments. But to get at this level of intimacy, you need to drop your personal fears, both of you! If you have a secret fantasy, don’t keep it secret for too long. Share it with your partner and see what they think about it. Chances are you will find a common ground and enjoy it together. If you are into impact play, get a nice and fancy paddle to introduce this kind of sexual game into your bedroom. Whips and floggers are just as successful in such circumstances, so, it is up to you how you start the sex scene. Make sure you listen to your partner and encourage them to share their fetishes and fantasies with you as well. It takes two to tango and it also takes two to have a great sex scene!

3. Lack of intimacy

When we talk about long-term relationships, we talk about intimacy at so many levels! Some of them, like daily intimacy come natural, and they don’t require much of your work. But when it comes to sexual intimacy, you need to invest in that to make sure your lover feels appreciated and love. If you have many rough sexual encounters, like edge play, make sure to also have an aftercare moment after them. This will help you establish the healthy balance that a happy relationship needs. Also, long sessions of cuddling on the couch are a great way to reconnect with your partner after a long day of work or a crowded and busy week. These moments will have a positive impact on your sex life and will build up the trust between the two of you which is very important for any couple!

If you see a lack of sex going on or approaching your marriage, the worst thing that you can do is to underestimate it or ignore it. This can become quite serious in a very short time so make sure to take the right measures to correct the situation. Your lover will be thankful to see that you are working to improve your relationship and, over time, you will have a satisfying relationship!

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