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Why You Should Have Sex with Lights On

Do you turn off the lights before you get naked and dive into an intense sexual encounter with your lover? If so, you might be missing out on some exciting aspects that could benefit your sex life significantly! Studies show that most couple have sexual encounters with the lights off and that is due to a lack of self-confidence for one or both partners as well as to a certain level of security. But if you overcome these aspects and enjoy the light during a sex scene, you have only to win from it!

1. You can get turned on by seeing your partner’s body

Visual stimulation can make a great difference during sexual intercourse and you shouldn’t deny yourself such an intense pleasure. When your lover is wearing a sexy lingerie and you get the chance to see them and enjoy it for a good foreplay, is the best start to an amazing sex scene. And seeing their body with or without a turn on outfit, will definitely put you in the mood for more naughty experiences that you would even do while the lights are turned off. So, leave the lights on and enjoy each other’s sexual benefits!

2. The level of intimacy is increased

Sexual encounters experienced with the lights on tend to be based on more intimacy and a deeper connection between the two partners involved. While some consider sex in the dark being more romantic, others might have a slightly different opinion. If you leave the lights on you become more aware of your lover’s presence and therefore, you get more involved in to the sexual encounter. And, when you look back at your experience you actually have some visuals to refer to which can be a great source for good masturbation! You would miss out of all this if you left the lights turned off while the entire action starts to develop!

3. You can discover new fetishes and fantasies on the spot

A good sex life is best on a level of evolution that we all have to go along with in order to discover more aspects of our personalities and sexual identity. Chances are that you will get new and kinkier ideas while you can clearly see what is going on around you. Ever thought about using a pair of nipple clamps? If no, you might actually seem that is a good idea if you can see your lover’s hard nipples during sexual intercourse or stimulation. And those hot butt plugs that have crystal ends to admire while your partner is bending over? There are many sex toys and accessories that you can use during a hot session of sexual encounter, but you do need to leave the lights on for all that! Also, if you are into impact play for instance, you will need to be able to see your partner while you use your fancy paddle or whip not only for obvious reasons but also because it’s a lot sexier to see the marks you leave on their soft skin!

So, next time you let your shyness get the best of you and turn off the lights when you get excited with your lover, think twice! You are not only missing out on some intense sensations but also on the visual stimulation and the possibility to discover new sex fetishes and fantasies together. And there is no reason to be ashamed and lack self-confidence because that will also decrease your sexual performance and it might also damage your sex appeal. Set yourself free of inhibitions that you don’t need anyway and love your body just as much as your partner loves it! Trust yourself and trust your partner during your intimate moments and take advantage of your sexual encounters to work on your intimacy level as well since this is so important for a relationship!

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