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How Long Should Sex Last?

Sexual encounters are of many kinds and split into a variety of fetishes and individual preferences. Some couples prefer shorter sexual scenes while others take their time to reach an intense orgasm or even more! The best way is to mix the two types of sexual encounters as we don’t always have some hours to engage in an intimate scene. But regardless of these individual preferences, there are some common rules that everyone agrees with when it comes to having a great sexual encounter and optimum timing for it. So, let’s see how long should sex actually last to make sure that both you and your partner get the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that you are aiming for.

1. A quickie shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes

Quickies are great to have a fast orgasm and go on with your day. You don’t have to spend more than 30 minutes at most to have a successful quickie and, of course, you can reach an orgasm even faster if you know exactly what to do to please yourself and your partner. Your best bet during a quickie is having the right sex toys and accessories at handy. For instance, if you get extremely turned on by nipple clamps, have a pair close when you plan for a quickie. Some people prefer more types of sexual stimulation at the same time, so having a butt plug can be useful as well. It is a wise decision to have your partner’s favorite toys as well just in case they don’t have them around. If your partner loves a good spanking, make sure to keep a paddle close and use it when you have a quickie.

2. Engage in a long sexual scene every now and then, but not longer than a couple of hours

We all like to have complex sex scenes with the ones we love and for these occasions, the kinkier is always the better! You will have the time and the freedom to indulge in all kinds of sexual fetishes. From bondage styles to impact play and even orgasm control scenes, all combined with a successful session of sexual intercourse. Your partner will be more than happy to join you in such an adventure and your relationship will grow stronger over time if you have constant long sexual encounters. Not to mention that this has a positive impact on your intimacy level!

3. Masturbation can be an endless experience so save some time for it

If when you have a sexual encounter with another partner, you can guess what kind of time you need to reach an orgasm, when you have a masturbation session it is all up to you. During sexual intercourse with your partner, it takes two people to win the race and that can help you save some time because you will always find the stimulation that you need in your lover, and they will be a constant turn on for you. When you are alone and trying to reach the sexual pleasure of satisfaction, it is all up to you. You will need to stimulate yourself in more than one way and know your body to reach an intense orgasm. This, however, can take more than some hours as well as it can be faster than a quickie! It depends on the quality of sexual stimulation that you provide for yourself.  If you masturbate often enough, you will know exactly what to do and it will not be a problem to reach an orgasm. But when you masturbate rarely, it can take a long time so make sure to reserve some hours for your personal pleasure!

As you can see, there are different tactics and expectations for different sexual encounters. Nothing is set in stone, and no one can tell you exactly just how long a good sexual session can last but make sure you enjoy yourself along the way and put your sexual satisfaction on top of other irrelevant details!

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