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Hot Twists to Your Basic Roleplay Scenarios

Are you already tired of the basic role-play scenarios? Are you looking for something new and different? Let your imagination run wild. Try taking some of the standards and shaking them up—perhaps by switching gender roles or adding an unexpected twist. If you are browsing the internet to find out what role-playing games other couples have tried, you have come to the right place. It is time for you to be inspired. Here are a few creative ideas to help get you started:

Rock Star and Groupie

You are the devoted female fan who would do anything—yes, anything—to get close to your favorite rock star. Even if you have to flash your ass to every bodyguard and roadie backstage, you are determined to succeed in your mission. It works as you finally make it onto the tour bus, where you can get up close and personal with the star himself. He offers to give you a tour of the bus, especially the bedroom, where you will have a chance to earn a VIP pass. But why should the guys have all the fun? Switch things up, with the female partner as the rock star and the male partner as the groupie.

Sworn Enemies

You (okay, your characters) aren’t in love with each other. You don’t even like each other. And yet neither can deny the attraction and the lavish sexual tension between the two of you. Once you hit the sheets, you realize you have amazing physical chemistry. Can you put up with each other in order to have mind-blowing sex?

Tarzan and Jane

If you can manage to locate a loincloth (or make one yourself) it would be perfect. If not, any kind of jungle-print bikini briefs will do. This is your chance to act totally uncivilized and follow your most basic instincts. The phrase “fucking like animals” is a perfect fit here. If you want to let loose with a “Tarzan yell” at the peak of excitement, feel free.

Cowboy and City Girl

Cowboys know how to get dirty. They also know a lot about mounting and riding. City girls don’t know much about rodeos, but they do know how to look sexy in high heels. They also really appreciate how great a man’s ass can look in a pair of tight, well-worn jeans or chaps to leave his butt and other delicious parts totally bare. This is also the perfect opportunity to bring out your lasso and hogtie the city slicker.

Librarian and Frat Boy

She’s a mousy, uptight librarian badly in need of a man who can loosen her bun and let her hair tumble down. He’s a laid-back frat boy, who is always ready for a good time. The only question is, will you get busy in the frat house or in one of the cramped aisles of the library’s reference section?

Prostitute and Client

You and your partner can pretend to be Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman—or a dirtier, raunchier pair of temporary lovers. The plot of this story is totally up to you to decide—as is your “asking price.”

Exhibitionist and Voyeur

One of you gets to strut your stuff (naked, of course) while the other watches from some hidden vantage point. The exhibitionist can take advantage of the opportunity to put on a really good show for her secret admirer, perhaps even going out of her way to tease the Peeping Tom.

Scientist and Lab Rat

One of you is the serious and nerdy scientist, the other is the test subject. The scientist wants to research the human anatomy, or perhaps test certain sexual reactions. So, she conducts sexual experiments and probes in all sorts of areas, carefully observing the results and noting the responses of her subject.

Young Man and Seductive Cougar

Think of The Graduate or American Pie. There is a reason “cougars” are so popular today. These experienced ladies have lots of tricks to teach younger men—and they get a thrill out of breaking in wide-eyed innocents. They also appreciate the young men’s stamina, which older guys often lack. It’s up to the young man to shower the woman with appreciation.

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