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The Power of Passionate Kissing

If you think that kissing is just a casual intimate act, you might want to think again! Many couples underestimate the power of kissing and tend to take it for granted, which only works against intimacy on the long-run. Don’t ignore your intimate gestures, and rather learn to use them in your favor if you want to develop a happy and healthy relationship. Don’t just focus on the sexual aspect of your intimacy and ignore the small sweet gestures that make a relationship worth it. There are certain secret aspects of kissing that you need to know and understand in order to use this sexy gesture in favor of your sex life and your relationship. So, let’s see the best things about kissing and the importance kissing has during sex!

1. Kissing is a great foreplay!

Kissing can be a casual intimate gesture between couples or it can be so much more! It is up to us to explore this aspect as much as possible, in order to improve our intimacy and sex life. You can start your foreplay with a passionate session of kissing while your lover or you are wearing a nice pair of nipple clamps or even an orgasm belt or playing with a vibrator. Multiple types of sexual stimulation are always a great idea when you want to enjoy a hot foreplay that will get you both ready for an even hotter sex scene. So, don’t hold back and use your imagination when you are stimulating each other while kissing passionately.

2. Kiss your way through an orgasm

Kissing alone can lead both of you to an orgasm or very close to it. That can happen if you kiss passionately and not your routine daily kisses. Sometimes the passion is so high that you might not make it to stage two of intimacy: sex. This type of orgasm is also based on the level of love that exists between two people. If you are truly in love with your partner, your kissing session will be so much more intense and exciting that you will not even realize how you got to an amazing climax. Kissing orgasm usually comes as a surprise and no, it doesn’t take hours to reach it! As a matter of fact, it can be a really fast orgasm that wasn’t even planned or expected by either of you. Just lose yourself in the moment and focus only on the passion that is between you and your partner. The sexual energy is significantly stronger during a kissing session and it doesn’t always require complicated sex toys or accessories such as dildos or restraint systems. But, of course you can add these items to make your kissing orgasm even more exciting! The sky is the limit, really!

3. Take kissing breaks during sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse can be as complex as you want to make it. But even if you are in the middle of a sex scene, make sure to take a moment to kiss your partner. Kissing is a different form of intimacy than sexual intercourse, and sometimes a stronger one. When you take time to kiss your lover during sex, you are actually adding emotional pleasure to the physical one and entertaining the feelings and the attraction between you two. If you skip the kissing all together, your sexual intercourse might not be so intense and satisfying as it could be if you take those short moments to passionately kiss your lover. Kissing is a sexual language on itself and if you know how to use it, you can communicate amazingly during your sexual encounter. And you don’t have to take long moments off your sex action to establish that kind of connection. You can simply give your lover short kisses while you are stimulating their breasts with your hands or while you are engaged in a hot sexual position that allows you to kiss each other.

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