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Roleplay Scenarios to Enjoy Tonight

You can experiment and explore plenty of things when it comes to your sexual life. One of the simplest ways you can do this is through role playing with your partner. The great thing about role playing is you can be as many things as you wish to be. There are endless scenarios and ideas out there you can try. It could almost feel like having sex with someone else, in fantasy or in real life. This is also a great opportunity to achieve all your sexual fantasies! Now, let’s take a look at some common scenarios you can try at home.

  • You can always pretend as someone who needs the help of a repairman or a repairwoman. Your partner will dress up as the character requires and will knock on your door. You needed someone to fix a leak, right? You will welcome them into your home and well, who knows what will happen next…
  • Something else for those who want to explore a uniformed personnel role play is to portray a fireman who gets called by someone in trouble. Get the costume and don’t forget the hose!
  • This one is a very common fantasy, teacher-student. One of you will be the teacher and the other one will play the student. You can do a scenario as a student who is looking for ways to improve their grades and you will do whatever it takes. You can also play a scene where the teacher is punishing the student or maybe the naughty student is trying to seduce and corrupt the nerdy teacher. Take your pick!
  • Another idea for a scholarly theme is to create a scenario with a cheerleader and a football player; this will be highly attractive for those drawn to sports. In this occasion, you will both need to dress up for the part and then the cheerleader will get on with the sexy player after a vigorous game.
  • Another popular theme you can try is the stripper-costumer play. As the name implies, the stripper will do a little seductive dance for his/her client while taking off each item of clothing. Don’t forget the lingerie and the music!
  • If these things are out of your comfort zone or you want to try something unusual, you can always pick a porno (or a porn scene) and recreate it along with the different positions! This can be a lifesaver when you don’t have much time to prepare or have the resources available for a more elaborate role play. Another thing is, you can also recreate your favorite sex scene from a movie.
  • Playing strangers who happen to meet for the first time is also a good one. Meet with your partner at a bar; arrive separately and each one of you will do its own thing for a while. You can talk with other people and even flirt with them a little bit. But at some point, the two of you will make eye contact, get to know each other and eventually, go home to have sex. But keep the illusion of being strangers the whole night and make sure to ask questions such as “Where do you live?” or “How do you like your eggs?”
  • The dominant-submissive relationship can also be something very interesting to explore. One of you will be the dominant and the other will submit to its master. Beforehand, discuss the limits and how far you two are willing to go. Once you do, get the toys you will need; a whip, a gag, a blindfold, a rope, etc. When the experience is over, feel free to do it again. Switching roles can also add to the excitement as you get to experience how it feels to be at both ends of the spectrum.

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