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The Ultimate Guide to Erotic Roleplay

3 Bedroom Roleplay Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind
When we talk about roleplays mixed with different BDSM fetishes, the sky is the limit! Let’s look at some of the most popular fetishes among the mature couples, who know exactly what they want and how they are going to achieve!
More Fun & Creative BDSM Role-Play Ideas!
Role-playing is one of the most popular activities when it comes to BDSM. It can’t be practiced in about one million different ways; the limits of role-playing are basically between the creativity and the resources.
Preparing your House for BDSM Play
There are lots of little things you can do to prep the bedroom so that when the time is right you already have the stage set. For instance, plan ahead for a bit of restraint. As I’ve noted, silk or nylon scarves are wonderful—strong and soft at the same time.
Put a Little Spark into Your Play: Violet Wands
Tied to the cross, Jane cannot see Mike behind her. The anticipation thick in the air, Jane shivers as she waits, not knowing what was coming. Suddenly, she hears a buzzing, an unfamiliar electrical sound.
More Sexy Role Play BDSM Scenes You Must Do
Role play can be a great way to have some fun and practice your creativity skills. Even if you haven’t practiced it before, it can be a great way to connect with your partner in a different way..
Sexy Role Play BDSM Scenes You Must Do
Role play can be a great addition to any sex life. Or even a cool way to spice things up on a date or just a regular sex night (or morning? Wink) You do need to plan ahead in order to get the most out of it..
BDSM Etiquette Rules for All
Floggers striking skin, whips cracking and leaving their marks, naked bodies bound in various positions. The scene is surreal, the music mysterious.
Best Tips to Make Role Play Work For You
Do you know how easily you can fall into a sort of sex routine? We humans are creatures of habit, and sex is definitely a part of that. Before you know it, you and your partner can be doing the same thing every single time.
The ‘Don’ts of Humiliation Training
There are plenty of things involved inhumiliation training. And as you know, everyone should be able to adapt it to their own needs. We always say you should find what works exactly for you and your partner.
Fun Introduction to Erotic Roleplaying
When I was a teenager, roleplaying meant sitting in my friend's basement and talking about elves, dump stats, dragons, and dice. Now that I'm older, roleplaying has turned into a very grown-up, very sexy game of make believe.
Creative Cuckolding Scene Ideas for Role Playing
If cuckolding has been in your mind for quite some time and you are really looking forward to trying it, I have some fun role play cuckolding scenarios that I’m sure you will be dying to recreate!
Fun Ways to Tie Up Your Lover in Ropeplay
Tying people up is always fun. Well, tying people up and then having your wicked way with them is 10 times more fun actually. But as we all know, in theory a lot of things are fun…doing them is something else…especially if you are not sure how to do it because you are a beginner.
Guide to Better Maid Roleplaying Sex Fantasy
What's not to like about a maid fantasy? It involves someone dressed in adorable (and sexy!) clothes serving you hand and foot…Besides, it offers plenty of fun and umm…interesting tasks to play with in a role play scenario. So, what are you waiting for?
Sexciting BDSM Role Playing Ideas
Role playing is an integral part of the BDSM lifestyle. Most of the sexual experiences between a dom and sub are some form of roleplay. You and your partner have complete control over how tame or wild the scene will get, but chances are high that role playing is involved to some degree.

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