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Top Erogenous Areas to Pleasure Your Man

Erogenous zones are wide and can vary from person to person, I mean, we all have our particularly sensitive spots that make us grow wild…but other zones tend to be pretty exciting for most of us.

When it comes to men, this is no different. Although men and women have several areas in common when it comes to different erotic zones, there are some that for some reason (biology, probably) have an extra special effect on our loving men.

So as I know you don’t want to leave your partner high and dry and feeling left out (hey, that rhymed!), here are some erogenous zones you may be missing out when you are pleasuring your man:

  • I don’t think I need to tell you the neck is a very erotic area for most people. This zone is full of nerve endings, making it a very sensitive spot. You can stimulate it by licking it, touching it, kissing it, gently blowing some air in the area…
  • Although for some reason the female butt gets more attention, men also love to get their butts receive some attention. After all, they tend to be works of art by themselves (who doesn’t love a great ass on a man?) So don’t be afraid to show some attention; give them a little spank, squeeze it during sex and caress his butt. It doesn’t cost a thing wink*
  • Less conventional but very effective areas are men’s feet! But everyone loves getting a foot massage; they show your appreciation and relax him as well. Surprise him by giving him a full blown foot massage when he least expects it…who knows, that massage can be highly erotic depending on what you do next…
  • The inner thighs are also a huge erogenous area, probably because of their proximity to the actual goods. While we all have our eyes on the prize, to put it that way, showing some attention to the area that surrounds it is very nice as well. Don’t be afraid to roam all over; you can explore it with your hands, your fingers…even a piece of equipment like a flogger (run it gently all over his inner thighs) You can alternate by caressing with your fingers, lightly run your fingernails or gently scratch the area with your nails. And then of course, don’t forget about your lips and mouth; don’t be scared and go beyond the mile by placing little kisses on the area and combine those kisses with some licking as well.
  • The ears are very sensitive as well. You can either run your tongue all over his earlobe or take little nips at it…and maybe alternate these activities with some light and sensual whispering about the things you want to do to him?
  • And since we are talking ears, that small area behind the ears is particularly sensitive as well. Don’t be afraid to go a little beyond and extend your ministrations towards that zone…and bonus points if you combine the stimuli in both areas. For instance, you can lick inside his ear, gently bite his lobe and the lick the top of his ear and the back of it as well. You can then place a gentle kiss at the back and whisper or blow some air in his ear…
  • Although it may seem obvious, the lips are a highly sensitive area for basically everyone. Don’t over underestimate the power of a great kiss to spice things up and show some affection. But you don’t have to only do some kissing, you can alternate and lick his lips; how about licking all over their lip outline (highly erotic if you ask me)… or bite them when he doesn’t see it coming. You can also just suck on his lips for a long time…

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