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Hot Foreplay Ideas for Couples

You know what they say, foreplay is the key to good sex. If you want to have some fun and sexy times with your partner, you definitely need to add some passion and sensuality to your foreplay.

Prostate massage

A good yet atypical idea to try is to massage your man’s prostate. A prostate massage is an amazing method to drive men crazy because it stimulates their P-spot. It is the male equivalent of the female’s G-spot. Best of all, it is not so hard to stimulate. You will need to insert your well-lubricated finger into his anus 2 or 3 inches deep. Then you will need to curve your finger towards his abdomen, as if you were calling someone. If you do it right you should be able to feel a ridge on something like a walnut, once you do, you should stroke it. You can also do the same using a prostate massager, a toy especially designed for this specific purpose. If you go down this route, remember the lube!


If you want to add some spice to your foreplay, you can try role-playing. This mode works especially well if you have been together for a long time and you want to try something thrilling. Here is one roleplay idea you can try. Go out to a bar but arrive separately. Act single and flirt with other people, talk with strangers, etc. Looking at your partner from afar while they are flirting with someone else may be something very erotic. In the end, one of you approaches the other as if you two were strangers. But obviously, you will go home together.

If this set up sounds like too much for you, then do the same thing but instead of flirting, you can make it a game. The first person to get hit on by some stranger wins. Afterwards, the loser will need to approach the other one and seduce him or her until the partner agrees to leave with them. These seductive enactments can be really exciting scenes for foreplay.

Sensory deprivation

For an activity to try at home, you can always add a blindfold to make things more interesting. Taking away one sensation is a sure way to enhance the others. Blindfolding someone can be extremely arousing and sensual. Blindfold your partner and slowly build up the sexual tension towards their climax. Begin by stroking their skin with a toy, a feather/whip or simply touch them with some oil. There is something very special and arousing about not knowing what your partner will do next. Will they kiss your inner thigh? Grab your nipple? Lick your neck? Who knows? These are some very exciting foreplay moves to build up the tension to explode later in the most delightful way possible.

Prolonging the gratification

If you are into delayed gratification you can make the foreplay last for days, weeks or even months. You can let your partner know you will not have sex with them until a certain date or unless a particular term is fulfilled. Of course, for the meantime you will tease them deliberately to build up the tension. Caress their body innocently, wear provocative clothing, kiss them thoroughly, let them take a peek at your body, etc. The idea is to drive you and your partner crazy with lust until the time to have sex finally arrives.

On the other hand, for some people who love a quickie it is not an excuse to skip on foreplay. If you cannot have sex during the day, send them dirty and sexy texts (or give them a call) explaining in great detail what you will be doing with them later in the day. If you want, you can take a sexy picture as well and send it too. The idea is for the two of you to meet during the day (it could be during lunch) and have sex. If you are not able to do it during the day, you can always tease them the entire day and have sex when both of you are home later at night.

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