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Truth or Dare in the Bedroom

There is a variety of games that you can engage in in the bedroom and you can use your imagination to discover new ones as you go along. But what about the games that you are used to play during your relaxing evenings with your friends, can you adapt those to your sex life and make them kinkier than they were meant to be? And you actually can! Truth or dare is one of the most popular games that you can play not only with your friends but also with your partner…naked! And there are some tips and tricks that will help you adapt this fun game to improve your sexual experience for the benefit of both you and your lover.

1. You can get to know each other better

The “truth” part of the game will help you understand each other’s sexual desire better and discover them along the game. All you have to do is ask the right questions. When you ask for truth or dare, and your lover happens to choose to share the truth with you, you can ask them about their latest sexual fantasies or other personal questions and get to find out new things about them, should they choose to actually tell the truth. It is a game of trust also not only a game of sex so, you have to trust each other while playing it. If you are both honest, your relationship can benefit from this game a lot.

2. You have the chance to punish your lover

Maybe you used to have fantasies about spanking your lover with a fancy paddle, or whipping them during sexual stimulation. Or maybe you wanted to enjoy a hot session of rougher sex but you never had the courage to start such a sexual encounter or you were afraid of the potential consequences that it might have on your relationship. While playing truth or dare you have that chance if your lover chooses the “dare” part. And if you are into bondage style kind of sex, this is the perfect occasion to give it a fair try. Your partner will see it as part of a game and be more willingly to join you in your fantasy and you have a real chance to see how much you actually are into such kind of intercourse.

3. You can experience new fetishes and sexual sensations

This goes hand in hand with the “dare” advantages of the game but it can also be enjoyed if your partner chooses to tell the truth. Not only you will learn more about each other’s fantasies and sexual desires but you will also have the chance to apply all those sexual preferences during you future sex scenes. And be ready for some intense challenges that your partner will put you through if you choose to play this game. If you never liked to wear nipple clamps or butt plugs, you might be challenged to give them a try during this game. And since we are at this, you have no idea what kind of intense sexual stimulation and pleasure you are missing out if you never gave these sex toys and accessories a try! Human body can be sexually stimulated in a variety of ways and you shouldn’t deny yourself of such an intense pleasure. Plus, your partner will be happy to join you in such an amazing adventure.

As you can see, Truth or Dare is not only a society game and it can easily become one of the naughtiest games you will ever play in the bedroom. When the clothes come off and the sex toys and accessories come out of the closet, chances are that you will experience so much more intense sexual scenes than ever before because sex is meant to be treated as a hot game. So, challenge your partner to this game and see who wins it!

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