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4 Ways To Punish A Pregnant Slave Safely And Erotically

Punishing your pregnant slave is a particular BDSM practice done in an intense and sexual way to generate a lot of excitement for both of you. However, certain measurements need to be taken before diving into such a practice due to your submissive partner’s condition, so the entire experience will be beneficial and have no negative consequences. The BDSM community is all about reaching new levels of sexual pleasure. But it is still very important to keep in mind the safety of everyone involved. Then again there are times when your submissive love needs a good punishment session and being pregnant shouldn’t stop you from disciplining them the way they need and deserve. Here are some useful tips when you want to punish your slave!

1. Use impact play

Impact play is a great form of punishment for any slave more so for a pregnant one. You can employ a spanking correction by using your favorite paddle then increase its intensity to the level both of you find appropriate and are comfortable with. You can also use a whip or a flogger to create a different kind of sensation and stimulate your slave in an even more intense way! More often than not, impact play leads to a doubly exciting sexual encounter to make both of you experience some amazing orgasms. So, be sure to do this phase of a BDSM scene.

2. Stimulate their nipples a great deal

You probably know a pregnant woman will have more sensitive nipples than any other time in her life. You can take advantage of this especially if you want to punish your pregnant slave a lot. By using a pair of nipple clamps, tied well around their nipples, you will keep their level of excitement high all the time. Eventually they will end up begging for your permission to orgasm even before having any other form of sexual intercourse. However, if you are looking to achieve a more extreme session, you can combine nipple clamps with a good vibrator or dildo, thus, stimulating their breasts and genitalia at the same time. You will simply love the outcome!

3. Orgasm denial

A great way to punish your pregnant slave is to lead them to such an intense sexual excitement then deny them the right to climax! You can do so in a variety of ways but the most direct and intense way is to make them wear an orgasm belt to stimulate their genitalia constantly while you take care of the other erogenous zones of their body. You can find orgasm belts with a lot of bondage accessories such as cuffs and use them as part of a great discipline sexual scene. When you will finally allow your slave to have an orgasm, it will be so intense you will probably want to do it all over again!

4. Use bigger toys

Using bigger sized butt plugs or dildos can be its own form of punishment. If you increase the size of the toy they are used to, you will be able to make them experience a different level of pain and pleasure. Hence, it will increase their excitement at the same time make them feel controlled and fragile under your dominant abilities. Your slave will thank you but will also ask you to have some mercy on them even they do not mean it because they like it so much! Pregnant ladies are easier to excite and stimulate. So, they are likely to adapt to your bigger toy faster than you expect them to. If so, then you might want to grab different ones to keep challenging them! You will love to hear them moan as you stimulate them so intensely!

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