3 Sex Positions to Avoid when Pregnant

Being pregnant is an exciting time for both partners in a relationship more so for a woman as her body goes through a lot of changes during those amazing 9 months. It is also a phase of hormones accompanied by many ups and downs for you to consider. Regardless, your sex life shouldn’t be put on hold while you are pregnant. But some adjustments might be necessary according to your sexual preferences especially if you are into some complex fetishes and fantasies, moreover, if you like to have a chase during your sexual encounters. Here are some ideas to consider when you are trying to adjust your sex life to your pregnancy and how to make the most out of your intimate moments!

1. Missionary position

The missionary position might seem like the safest one to try even for pregnant ladies. But this is not the case when you are already in your second or third trimester. In fact, any position wherein the pregnant lady is on her back is a bad idea. This is true when it comes to sexual encounters and even when sleeping. So, if you are into missionary sex, it might be time to add some diversity to your sex life by trying other positions especially those involving penetration from the side like the scissors position. Rest assured you can still use your favorite sex toys and accessories such as nipple clamps or even butt plugs to increase the sexual pleasure and satisfaction for both of you. It could even lead you to discover new fetishes as you can get into. When you or your lover is pregnant it is always a great idea to add different sex toys to your intimate moments to make up for other sexual aspects you can’t entertain at this time.

2. Extreme types of bondage

You can still enjoy some bondage with your partner during pregnancy but you should definitely modify these types of fetishes. Remember you can’t get into anything extreme due to the sensitivity pregnancy brings to a woman’s body. This is even more important if you’re pregnant partner is also the submissive in the relationship. For this reason, you might want to learn new ways to control their body during your sexual encounters. You can still use certain bondage styles as a form of foreplay or even during your sex scenes but make sure you don’t hurt them in any way. Be sure the amount of pain you bring to the sexual game is tolerable and enjoyable for both of you. It is a great idea to set up a safe word just in case things get out of hands and you or your partner need to change the intensity of your sexual activities. Choose a safe word you normally wouldn’t use during your sexual encounters so it is easy for both of you to recognize without disrupting your entire sex scene.

3. Try to avoid electro stimulating devices

Electro stimulating devices can be very exciting for both of you. But during pregnancy you might want to replace these sex toys with others. The electro feature of these toys might not be the best thing to try especially during the third trimester of pregnancy. However, you can still use certain vibrators to stimulate yourself during masturbation or even during your sexual encounters. As a matter of fact, you have plenty of options for sex toys and accessories to add to your intimate moments when you want to increase the sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Likewise, when you want to discover new sexual fantasies you can entertain together.

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