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Best Sex Positions for Pregnant Women

You may feel a bit nervous about having sex when you or your partner is pregnant. These concerns are quite common normal as you wonder whether this will harm the baby. But not to worry, almost all pregnant women can continue having sex and pleasuring themselves as long as they want to. Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy or some other medical condition and your doctor specifically tells you not to engage in any sexual activity, then you should be good to go. However, given your condition you may feel the need to make some adjustments along the way, after all, you will have a big belly and having sex in your favorite position may not be possible. So, what are the best sex positions to do when you are pregnant?

The first position is the woman on top. The man can sit on the floor or the bed (just make sure it is a strong piece of furniture) with either his legs straight in from of him or crossed in front. The woman will straddle him, measuring how deep she can get and leading the rhythm. A variation of this position is the reverse cowgirl. It starts the same way but with the man lying down while the woman straddles him and facing his legs instead of his face. These positions take the pressure away from the belly, which is an added plus to make her comfortable.

The man can also sit on a chair or couch while the woman sits on his lap. She can sit with her back towards him. If her legs don’t touch the floor then just put something there (like a stool or some books) so the feet have something rest on. A variation of this is to straddle the man while facing him with legs hanging on each side of his body. Once again, it is important for her feet to have some support. The idea is for her to use her feet as leverage to move up and down.

Spooning is a great option near the end of the pregnancy as it would be the most comfortable position with her lying down on the bed. The woman lies on her side with her legs towards her chest while the man penetrates her from behind. This position will offer a lot of support for the belly, especially if the belly is too big to attempt anything face to face. Besides, it not too exhausting and allows a very deep penetration…so it is all good wink*

If you love the doggy style, there is no reason to stop doing it while you are pregnant. In fact, a lot of pregnant couples like it. But keep in mind it can get harder to get into the right position as the belly gets bigger. The downside is the woman will not be able to control the movement, as her belly gets bigger. To make it more comfortable, the woman can place her weight down onto pillows or lower her forearms for better support as the pregnancy moves along.

The scissors position is also a good one if you are looking for something different. You two will need to be positioned at opposing ends of the bed, with your legs intertwined together like scissors. In this position, the penetration may not be deep but everything will be calm and slow. You can always stimulate the clitoris. If the belly is bothering you, you can always put a pillow underneath to support it.

If you don’t want a deeper penetration, the woman can also sit at the edge of the bed and lie down, while the man either kneels or stands in front of her. The woman can wrap her legs around his waist to control the movement and penetration. This position is helpful if the belly is too big and if the woman feels dizzy. Be sure to put some pillows underneath her upper back to change the angle.

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