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What No One Tells You About Sex During Pregnancy

Oh pregnancy, that wonderful time in a woman’s life. You are nurturing and growing a baby inside of you; that has its perks but also has its downfalls. For all that it’s worth, you should be able to be as happy and comfortable as you can, right? And yes, that includes sex.

Sex during pregnancy can be somewhat of a taboo, but the truth is, as long as you are having a normal, low risk pregnancy you can have sex right up until your water breaks (sometimes literally!). The most common concern here is the baby, but nothing will happen to him/her during sex. That’s what the amniotic sac and the muscles of the uterus are for! Keep in mind, during sex the penis doesn’t go beyond the vagina, so everything will be fine.

In the first trimester women can usually be too nauseated, tired or moody to enjoy sex. Afterwards, some women even find a heightened sexual desire and libido throughout the pregnancy (yes, lucky them wink*). Communicate how you are feeling with your partner often; if at any point of the pregnancy you simply don’t want to have sex, explain to them why you are feeling like this so they can understand its not about them (It’s better if no feelings gets hurt)


Also during the first trimester your breasts will feel tender and overall they can feel more sensitive. Those sensations can sometimes stay throughout the whole 9 months, so if you find you love this change, take advantage of it *wink*. If at any point during intercourse you are feeling uncomfortable talk to your partner. As I mentioned before, every woman is different and intercourse may not feel that great. Remember there are plenty of other ways of physical intimacy you can get with your partner, including oral sex, joint masturbation and even hugs, caresses, massages and kisses are a great way to keep that bond between you two.

When you are pregnant your body goes through a lot of changes and sex can also feel different. Some women find this change for the better and enjoy sex more, while for others it may be the opposite; everything will depend on the pregnancy and the woman. You should be aware that the increased blow flow on the pelvis could make the genitals look larger; that, in turn will cause an increased sensitivity. Also, some women find they are moister, so less lubrication for you wink*. Be aware that orgasms and nipple stimulation can cause mild contractions but they are temporary and nothing to be afraid of.

Another common concern during pregnancy is oral sex. While licking is completely fine, blowing into your genitals is not. Although quite unusual, air in the vagina can be mortal for you and the baby, so don’t take any chances. If your partner has an outbreak of herpes or can feel one coming up, it’s better to abstain from oral sex. And during the last trimester if your partner has ever had herpes, they shouldn’t give you oral from then on. Like I said, better be safe than sorry. The good news is there are plenty other things you can enjoy together, wink*.

Like I said, if you are having a normal pregnancy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy sex while you are expecting (ask your doctor to give you the green light). However, if you find that contractions or cramping after an orgasm don’t stop after a few minutes, or have any pain or bleeding after sex, call your doctor or attendant. Remember doctors are there to guide you through, so ask them for any concerns and questions you may have about sex in this blissful time. PS: Congratulations!

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