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The Best Positions for Hot Sex During Pregnancy

Hormones can cause quite a roller coaster in our bodies and general self’s. And when you are pregnant, that roller coaster can go on a million miles per hour. You may find hating your partner and then, before you know it, can have the ravenous desire of pounding them to the floor (excuse my French wink*). What’s more, during pregnancy your breasts will be more sensitive and vaginal lubrication can increase, both are the perfect scenarios for having great sex.

If you are having a low risk pregnancy and your doctor says its OK, you can have all the sex you want. Some people are scared about the baby, but the penis never goes beyond the vagina and there’s no possible way it reaches the baby. The amniotic sac is there to protect your little bundle of joy. Having said that, in the first trimester some spotting or light bleeding can occur and it’s normal, but you should mention it to your doctor or midwife. And also, be careful about oral sex. Licking is OK, but your partner should never blow air into the vagina because that can cause life-threatening situations for both you and the baby.

So, as the pregnancy progresses and your belly gets bigger it may be harder to have sex in the regular positions you are used to because it may not be all that comfortable (tip: keep pillows and/or cushions nearby). The good news is there are some positions you could try in order to enjoy it, so here are a few of them:

  • Missionary: This may not be so comfortable because of your belly, especially after the first trimester. But if you do want to give it a go, just put a pillow under you so you are flat on your back. Oh! And your guy should support himself so his weight is not on you.
  • You on top: Straddling your partner will probably work during the full 9 months. It’s good because there will no weight or pressure on your belly and as a plus, you can control how deep the penetration goes.
  • Spooning: Lie side by side with him behind. This is a good position for those who are really sensitive because the penetration is shallower. If your belly bothers you, just place some cushions or pillows underneath it.
  • Edge of the bed: Place yourself on the edge of a couch or bed and lie down with your knees bent. If you are an at advanced point in your pregnancy, don’t forget to put a pillow under one side. Your partner can then proceed to kneel or stand (depending on the height) and penetrate you.
  • Doggy style: Just support yourself on knees and elbows while your man penetrates you from behind. You can also make use of those pillows for extra support in the belly.
  • On a chair: You can also straddle your partner if he sits on a robust chair. Just put it near a wall so it can lean on when you are ready to mount him.

If for some reason you can’t/wont’ have sex but still want that connection, there are other stuff you guys could do. For once, there’s always masturbation and if its mutual, the better. You can also caress each other, use a vibrator and kiss and cuddle. Pregnancy should never stop you two from having fun.

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