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Ask Autumn: How to Control Erectile Dysfunction with Sexual Edging

Edging is a great addition to incorporate into your life for a better sex life. There are plenty of benefits, such as more intense orgasms, better control of your pelvic muscles and orgasms, prevention of or helping with Erectile Dysfunction, and even multiple orgasms.

In case those previous sentences had you like “what? I don’t understand a thing”, then is time for you to learn what edging means. Is quite simple, actually; just holding out your orgasm for as long as you can for a bunch of great benefits. You can start to practice it right now (well, maybe wait till you are finished with this article wink*) because it can take some time until you are finally able to control your orgasm and ejaculation. But the sooner you start, the better.

Now, when a man starts or wants to try it, there are some questions than linger in his mind, such as:

  • Will this solve my ED problem? Well, it can help, especially if you also do Kegel exercises to help strengthen the pelvic muscles. You can strengthen your muscles just like you would with another body part: by working out! You can do Kegel’s by simply flexing your PC muscles as you would if you were stopping your urine. So, how does this relate with edging? Because you can make yourself stop ejaculating through Kegel’s, get my drift? The important thing is to have a work out regime: so be constant and consistent with your Kegel’s and Edging for results. Oh, by the way, edging strengthens the penis tissues, so your recovery times will be shorter
  • So… Can it make my penis bigger? Well, as you may be aware, a penis doesn’t grow overnight, but some men claim edging can make your penis look bigger when combined with stretching. What is a fact though, is the increased blood flow you will get through your penis and the great quality of your erections.
  • Will I have any wet dreams? I’m going to be seeking release, after all…that is true and yes, you may experience more wet dreams. I mean, you will arouse your body and stop it from coming, so your body, as its controlled by your brain, will need to find some sort of release.
  • But will I have complete control over my orgasms? As a matter of fact, yes. A man can gain complete and absolute control of his body and that includes the penis (contrary to popular belief, they don’t have a life of their own, wink*). If you commit to an edging program and practice Kegel’s regularly, you will be the master of your command. The important part here is to commit; it may get you some weeks to get there, but the end result is worth it.
  • Multiple orgasms for men? Yeah, right…It may be one of those believe it till you see it, but when a man combines edging with Kegel’s, he can become multi orgasmic, just like us lucky ladies. And this leads me to…
  • A dry orgasm? Just like women, men can also experience dry orgasms. A dry orgasm is exactly how it sounds, an orgasm without ejaculation. They are a result of great orgasm control; it means the man has gone to that “Point of No Return, I’m about to come” without actually ejaculating. The secret is to hold back when you are about to orgasm. So you will either ejaculate into your bladder (no worries, is no big deal) or you will have a dry orgasm. Like I said it may take some time to get there and experience one. Men have told me that once you get there the first time and know how it feels you can start to duplicate it often and have mastered the technique.
  • So the multiple orgasms come from those dry ones? Yes, my friend. When you have an orgasm without actually ejaculating, you can have at least two when you finally come through your ejaculatory orgasm. But two is the beginning, you can always build up to as much as you can bear wink*.
  • I’m in. But are there any side effects? No, nothing you have to worry about. The only thing that can happen is you can get fatigued if you don’t practice the Kegel exercises right, if you don’t allow some time for your body to recover (just like a normal workout!) or if you do way too many Kegel’s. Oh and you may die from pleasure, so be careful wink*.

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