Whether is performed for sexual or medical reasons, a good prostate milking or massage can have a wide array of benefits for the men. The first one being it can help reduce prostate problems, such as an enlarged prostate, without any help of medication. The other one is, well, pleasure. Milking the prostate is the only way a man can achieve a P-orgasm, and experience that will change them for life because of the new high levels of pleasure they will experience. And the best part? There are no side effects.

The prostate is located really close to the wall of the rectum, what makes it perfect to massage it from there. Now, given that is located around very sensitive areas, you will want to make sure to do it right and carefully to avoid any discomfort and pain. I should tell you this practice is not new, its origins can be placed in cultures of the Far East and Asia thousands of years ago. They believed in regular prostate maintenance in order to avoid health problems later in a man’s life.

Now, how to do it right? Well, to begin with, you will want to make sure to relax the intestines and the bladder beforehand to avoid any accidents. You will also want to keep your nails very short or make sure the person applying the massage does not have long nails. Also, the hands must be completely washed and using gloves is actually preferable. Oh! And don’t forget a bit of water based lubricant to make things smoother, wink*.

Afterwards, slowly introduce one finger in the anus. Move your finger in a “come here” motion to make it easier to locate the prostate. “How will I know if I have found it?” When your fingers find a small round walnut size lump. When you are ready, slowly massage it around. Be careful not to go too hard on the central part because it has a lot of nerve endings and never I repeat, never scratch with your nails. Now, it’s normal for the man to experience the need to pee, so don’t worry about it. After a while, chances are the man will ejaculate and that is the whole point, wink*.

If you are unsure about performing the massage yourself, you can always get it done in a professional facility where professionals carry it out. Usually these are done with the man lying sideways, with the legs bent at the knee. The doctor then massages the prostate in the direction of the ducts located inside it and the whole thing is finished in about a minute. Afterwards, the patient will empty the bladder and will flush the urethra.

It’s important to notice that in both cases only a small amount of pressure will be applied. And in both cases the prostate juice released will be more or less the same. Now, I have to say if you are doing this only for sexual reasons and enjoyment, there is no reason why you shouldn’t stimulate other body parts while the massage is being carried out. Maybe use a prostate massager while your hands get busy somewhere else? Wink*.

And just like I’m speaking about the fun parts, I should also mention some words of caution. If a man has serious underlying prostate problems, you should not attempt to do it on your own. It’s best for you to consult with a doctor and let him/her guide to the best choices available. Otherwise, a prostate massage may worsen the problem.

Whatever path you choose to go, the important thing is to try it to see if you enjoy it. Like I always say, experiencing things is the best part of life and, how will you know if you don’t like something if you have never tried it out before? If you are uncomfortable having it done by someone else, even a partner or a doctor, you can always try it on your own until you are a bit more comfortable. Just remember to follow the rules of enjoyment and well, to have fun wink*.

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