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How Testosterone Affects Male Arousal

Although it may sound crazy, it's only in the last couple of years that the feeling of desire has become the emphasis of research about sexual arousal (believe it or not!) It may sound simple, but arousal and desire are actually quite complex. Mmm, I would say it's pretty easy, wink*,you are probably saying. And while yes, in theory it's obviously simple, in reality it's more complex. As anything that has to do with sexuality and the way our brain processes it, there is much more to be learned about it (and guess what? It's actually quite fun! I mean, maybe not as fun as putting things to practice, but it's really interesting, *giggles)

Scientists have discovered that hormones play a huge role in the process of the emotion of desire. As you may know, hormones are basically what make our body function, without them, we wouldn't do almost anything. And yes, there are a million hormones working in our body, but as this isn't a science class, we will be focusing on the only hormone that matters right now for all intents and purposes: testosterone. Our friend, "the big T", is a hormone known as the male sex hormone, simply because men have more of them on their bodies that women; it's mostly what develops masculine traits (that I'm sure you are well acquainted with, wink*).As every other hormone (including the ones women have!) it varies in quantity through time, depending on age, lifestyle and blah, blah, blah, everything you know, *giggles.

But what's significant here it's the fact testosterone plays a very important role on the feeling of desire. And how did scientists discovered this function? Well, because they found increasing the levels of testosterone of guys with low levels of desire made them have more sexual fantasies and experience higher emotions of sexual drive (where do I sign up? haha). This study has led to the conclusion you can imagine: testosterone is actually the responsible in regulating sexual desire. This means desire levels can be traced back all the way to its root (well, at least in men)

So, how does all this relate to ejaculation? In what I can only imagine as a very fun scientific study conducted, in which subjects were measured every day for their serum testosterone concentrations during periods of abstaining after ejaculation for two phases. And exactly what is it they found? A) Oscillations of testosterone levels from the 2 to the 5 day of abstinence were nominal. B) But on the day 7 of abstinence, an increase of testosterone levels were observed. After that, no regular variation was spotted during continuous abstinence. This lets us know that ejaculation is the root of that periodic serum testosterone fluctuation; without it, it certainly would not be observed. This also showed that the most effective time for ejaculation would occur at least after the 7th day.

In another study, men were evaluated after following a 3 week abstinence period. Their hormones were assessed during arousal and masturbation induced orgasms (again, where do I sign in? Giggles*)They measured each participant twice, both before and after the abstinence period and also included cardiovascular items.Orgasms saw their blood pressure and heart rate increase, both before and after the abstinence. But higher testosterone concentration was seen after the abstinence period. Translation? Abstinence does not make any changes in the brain's response, but it does make testosterone levels increase. This is very good news, because it can be concluded abstinence rises testosterone levels, while ejaculation does not have a good effect on the men's testosterone levels. See? Another reason to try orgasm denial and chastity for men.

If you want to try male chastity, here you have another excuse; simply because the purpose of chastity is to make an emphasis on the period of non-ejaculation. What's more, other studies have demonstrated testosterone is the courtship inducer. "The what?" The courtship! This is basically the effort a man puts into being in the good graces of a woman (when you start seeing someone and he tries everything to impress you)If you induce this phase, you are also increasing attention span and receptiveness in a man… And by the way, male chastity produces the initiation of the courtship phase, wink*

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