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Sexual Health & Wellness Practices for Men

Health tends to be one of those things we take for granted; we don’t pay it much attention until something happens and we are obligated to treat it and pay attention. But just because is one of those things that should happen, doesn’t mean it has to happen, right? The sooner you start paying attention, the less likely you are to experience trouble in the future.

Now, each gender has its own special needs to look into, so let’s take a look at some of the things our lovely men should practice for better sexual health:

  • Nutrition is on: You may have heard this a million times and are about to roll your eyes, but you guys! Is true! A proper nutrition with a healthy diet can save you many long-term problems down the line, I swear. You may believe what you eat has no impact on your sexual performance, but it actually does. A good diet will help you fuel your body and will keep your sexual system working properly. So make sure you are getting the recommended doses of carbs, protein and healthy fats for you; seek to eat lots of vegetables, lean meats and grains and try to diminish added sugar, packaged food and fatty meats.
    • Get movin’: Again, something that you’re probably tired of listening but also plays an important part in sexual health. Exercise and being active are important to have a healthy heart…and a healthy heart means a healthy sexual life =) Just try to have a more active lifestyle, getting at least 20 minutes of exercise a day; even just a light walk will be better than sitting on the couch. There are plenty of ways and activities you can do to work out, you just have to find the right one for you (aka, the one you enjoy the most)
    • Prohibition: Everyone loves a drink every now and then, right? But the key is to indulge in moderation instead of having a couple of beers after dinner each night. Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the main causes of ED and inability to have an orgasm.
    • Thank you for smoking: You know what also causes sexual dysfunction? Smoking. In fact, many of the men that experience ED are smokers; that’s because of the damage created to the small arteries, the blood flow to the penis is interrupted. Besides, it has been proven that smoking actually reduces sperm count and quality, so it can cause fertility problems.
    • No illicit substances: Drug use and the long-term use of illicit substances can affect men’s sexual health and the possibility of maintaining an erection.
    • Chill pills: A stressful life does you no favors and it does not only affect your general health, but also your sex life. If you constantly find yourself worried, with a lot of anxiety, nervous and tired, it’s a good idea to learn some techniques to manage stress. Take a good look at your life and identify the problem that is making you like this, if you know the culprit you can work on it. Learning to manage the overwhelming life and world we live on can take some work, but it’s not impossible. Try to incorporate more things in your life that make you relaxed and allow you to vent…working out, reading more, watching movies, meditation… If nothing works, consult and talk to your doctor so you can get better.
    • Kegel is not just for women: These exercises can also improve men’s sexual health: they can strengthen the muscles that connect the base of the penis with the tailbone. That is important because those muscles control the flow of the fluids going through the urethra, so you can control and heighten your orgasms. If you want to work them out, just try to stop the flow of urine while you are peeing; squeeze those muscles for a few seconds and relax them. With time they will get stronger and you will be thanking me, wink*.
    • Lube up: When men get older, they can have some sensitivity loss in the penis. Lubricants take care of that because they augment a looser range of motion and improving your enjoyment.
    • Positivism: Science has shown that people with a more positive approach to life also experience great sex lives. This may be hard to practice at first, but remember there is only one life, everything happens for a reason and since we are here, we might as well enjoy it wink*.
    • Yearly check ups: I know, I know, does anybody like going to the doctor? But they are necessary to maintain a good health. Unless you have a medical condition, an annual visit to see how things are going should be enough. 

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