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Why Do You Suffer with Erectile Dysfunction

The penis is a source of much pleasure…but it can also cause some issues. At any point in their lives, men can suffer from erectile dysfunction. It’s estimated that one in four men that experience it are actually younger than 40! Yes, you heard read that right. It’s not just a concern of older men; it can affect younger fellows as well. So what exactly are the causes of this problem? Well, you can find several possible causes for it:

  • Stress and anxiety: By now you should be aware that stress is one of the worst things that can happen to your body. When you are under a lot of anxiety and are going through a stressful time, your hormones levels change and that can result in trouble maintaining or getting an erection. If you are going though some hard times at work or in your personal life, that might the culprit.
  • Testosterone levels: Low testosterone levels can also affect libido; especially when men are going through male menopause….Yes, you also read that right. Men also suffer hormonal decreases and changes as they age and low testosterone levels can be seen anywhere from men in their 40’s to their 70’s. Your doctor will have to check your blood tests to see if that’s the problem.
  • Obesity and weigh gain, lack of exercise and poor nutrition can put pressure on the heart and the mind, also affecting erections.
  • On a similar note, high cholesterol levels can affect blood flow, putting pressure on the heart thus affecting how hard a penis can get.
  • Chronic health conditions like diabetes can have an impact on men’s health. Same with chronic kidney disease.
  • Also, alcoholism, drug use and even smoking.
  • Medication: Treatment to treat blood pressure dilates blood vessels, making it harder (no pun intended) to get an erection. On the other hand, antidepressants and medication to treat anxiety, OCD and eating disorders can also have an impact on erectile dysfunction.
  • Hyperthyroidism: If the thyroid is having problems and has elevated levels, the libido can get affected as well.

If you or your guy has one incident, it can be normal every once in a while - yes, “I swear this has not happened before”- can actually be true. But if it’s a recurring problem you should seek medical assistance to help you figure out the cause and resolve it quickly. For women, don’t get offended or mad because it’s not personal. Just don’t make a fuzz about it and try to talk about it afterwards calmly to try and find the solution together. Show support for your man… while the problem gets resolved, why not try other types of sexual intimacy like oral sex or a toy? Erectile dysfunction should not mean having to stop your sex life!

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