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Benefits of Practicing Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel exercises are a great way to improve your pelvis muscle’s strength. You’ve probably heard a million times why women should practice them and how it can bring better orgasms and overall better sexual health. But the truth is, men can also benefit from practicing them as well.

In men, Kegel exercises can help with erectile dysfunction. But, even if you don’t have that problem, they can still improve your control, making up for a better control of orgasms and that is a great thing, right? Most men who start practicing a Kegel regime find their orgasms are more intense and stronger overall. Their erections are better, there is a delay if they suffer from premature ejaculation and their ejaculation fluid is greater. The penis blood flow augments as well so some men find their penis can look bigger, especially if you pump it as well…And oh! Regular Kegel’s have also shown a healthier prostate, so great for men’s sexual health in general.

Most agree they start seeing changes after 10 weeks, so keep in mind it’s not an overnight thing. Much like a work out plan, you will need to keep it up consistently for a while in order to see changes, but it’s totally worth it at the end, wink*.

In theory, Kegel’s are nothing more than squeezing the pelvis muscles. As with any muscle, that contraction makes it stronger and that in turn will create a better connection between your mind and your body because you know exactly where it is located, to put it that way.

If you have never encountered any issues with your erections/orgasms, you may think this is all a waste of your time. But before you dismiss it, keep an open mind. There are plenty of men who have never felt the need to improve anything because they think everything is fine…until they try it. When they start practicing the exercises they start to notice the difference and ask themselves why they didn’t try it before? There is always room for improvement and when you see the difference some control can make in your sex life, you will be preaching to all your male friends to try it as well. Always trying to spread joy, wink*.

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