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Enjoying Humiliation in Sissy Play

If there is one activity that can bring you (and your partner) endless time of games and fun, it’s sissy play. Plenty of men are into it (probably more than you think!), so chances are you are already partaking in some sissy related fun…and if you want to, there are a lot of people out there who are dying to do it as well, so your match may be right around the corner. One aspect that plenty of people enjoy is humiliation, so shall we look into some fun ideas to try when you have the time? Wink*

  • Have your sissy masturbate daily, about two or three times each day. Create a routine that works, for about two or three weeks; the important part is they get used to it. After that time has passed, it will be time to switch things up. Lock them up in chastity and leave them to be…The thing is, their body will be used to cumming, so not doing it will be complete and utter torture.
  • A good idea to torture your sissy is to create a sort of calendar filled with tasks. Each task can have a marker that you will write or put down when the task has been completed. The point is to accumulate certain tasks in order to get an orgasm; this will be at your discretion, maybe you can do a point system like, when he gets to 100 points he will get one orgasm, for instance. The tasks will also be written down and determined by you, so you will determine how hard they will be. You can mix some tasks you know your sissy will hate but will probably have to complete to get points if he wants to orgasm, with others that may be easier and even likeable for them. You will be the judge and creator of this competition!
    • If you want to humiliate them in public, make them shave and wear thigh highs or pantyhose. Then, make them wear a dress or mini skirt. When they are dolled up, make them get in the car and get gas so they will have to get out of the car for everyone to see how they are dressed.
    • Another option like the one above is to make them get some food through a drive through, the idea is for the person who is taking their order to see they are wearing some obvious feminine attire.
    • If you want another scenario like the ones above but even riskier, make them wear breast forms underneath their shirt so the cleavage it’s more pronounced.

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