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Best Ways to Explore Touchless Sex

Touchless sex is one of the more exciting ways of reaching sexual satisfaction without having actual physical sexual intercourse. It can stimulate your imagination more than any other kind of sexual encounter and can challenge every experience you have ever had.

Two partners, or even more, can enjoy touchless sex in three main ways: by being in the same room, by chatting or texting or by talking over the phone. The last two ways makes this kind of sexual encounter perfect for long distance relationship while the first one can simply be a challenge for you and your partner. Plus, it can help you develop your sexuality by using other means than the ones you are used to. Regardless of what type of touchless sex you might choose to try you, will need to have a broad vocabulary and a wide imagination to use it. Your words will be the main sexual tools you will use to excite yourself and your partner. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use other tools like dildos or vibrators, anal toys or even nipple clamps and electro stimulating devices. It would depend on your personal sexual arsenal and how much you have invested in it.

All of these will help you reach a higher level of sexual pleasure and experience a more intense orgasm as you and your partner keep going with your sexual conversation while you take care of your own needs. Visual stimulation is a great plus when it comes to touchless sex. Seeing your partner turned on by it and seeing what they are doing to please their body and imagining you doing the same thing to them or even more. This can be done in the same room with each other or while using a webcam, both cases work just fine as long as your attention is concentrated on what is going on and how can you increase the intensity of it.

If we talk about a BDSM relationship, the submissive partner will only do what their dominant asks them to do. Being in charge of your body without actually touching it can be an amazing sensation of pleasure, power and satisfaction. It is certain you will want to experience it again. Moreover, develop it to feed your sexual ego more than any other kind of sexual encounter can do. For the submissive, even if they are the ones touching their own body, being directed by their dominant while doing so will give them a higher level of obedience and dependence to surely lead them to sexual satisfaction before they notice with every word they hear from their mister or mistress. Verbal humiliation is another fascinating aspect of touchless sex. It can have a great effect on the entire sexual encounter. Just as your words have the power to turn both of you on and the entire atmosphere, taking the communication to a higher level appropriate in a BDSM scene, increases the excitement as well. Your words will act like direct stimulators on both of you. Every moan you make your submissive say without actually touching them will be an intense victory. Every time you hear “Thank you, master!” takes you closer to an incredible orgasmic experience.

So, try to keep your hands away from your partner’s body and put your imagination, your voice and your mind to work. See what you can achieve with it! Chances are you will discover a new sexual side to yourself and your partner. You will also relate to each other differently the next time you have actual sexual intercourse. Couples grow through experiences like these. Remember it is in your power to maintain a happy sexual life to make for a happier relationship.

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