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Best Tips to Be a Kinkier You Today

So…. word around the street is you want to be kinkier, you naughty you wink*. The only thing you need to know is, you are going to have plenty of fun in your journey. As long as you keep an open mind, are willing to try new things and experiment a little, you will be just fine. As I heard once, just don’t forget to keep a blindfold, handcuffs and a flogger in your nightstand, wink*.

The path towards becoming a kinkier lover is full with imagination and creativity. Everything starts in your brain and mind, and arousal is not an exception. Make a list about your fantasies; the key here is to start creating erotic images in your head so you know what you will be looking to reproduce in real life. It could be something like incorporating some roleplay to the bedroom or trying a sex toy or getting spanked or…basically whatever, I’m not in your mind wink*.

If you are unsure about where to start, it’s ok! You just need to ask yourself some simple questions like, what is it that turns you on? What really makes you go wild? What motivates you sexually? If you can, go as deep as you can with is. It helps to make a list and be as extensive and descriptive as possible so include everything, from smells to sensations, fabrics, items, etc. The more, the better!

When you have a clearer idea of you sexual ideas, take some time to prepare a scene where you can play out those ideas. First, discuss with your partner what you want to try- even better if they are going through the same process because you can compare both lists or take turns in trying one for each wink*. Talk openly about what you want to try, be open to try new things without prejudices and if you want to, you can even come up with a safe word in order to stop if things get to intense.

The important thing is to be sincere about what you are looking for. And you can also establish some rules about your playtime; this can help set some limits one of you may not be comfortable trying out just yet. When you are experimenting and having fun, keep those lines of communication open. Talk about what you are enjoying and what you do not like; don’t be scared of opening up and be clear about your needs and wants! The point of this is to have fun.

Now, keep in mind that, while you are technically replicating a fantasy, the reality will be different because, well, reality. Take those fantasies as inspiration for your real life encounters but don’t have them as a crystal clear expectation of what’s to come (you, hopefully ba dum tss) be naughty, a bit wild and have fun.

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