The Goodies that You Can Write on Your Sex Bucket List

Everyone should have a sex bucket list and not just for fun purposes even if having such a list and checking things off it can be highly satisfactory. If you are organized and make plans for all the other aspects of your life, why would you neglect your sex life and put it on a second place? Write down in your sex bucket list everything that you want to try sexually before you die and make sure to follow the occasions that help you check things off your list. Here are some interesting ideas to consider and give them a try as soon as possible!

1. Have sex in public

Public sex and stimulation is hot in so many ways that if you didn’t have the opportunity to try it, you definitely can’t miss out on such an intense sexual satisfaction. Find a place that you prefer to try this at and talk your partner into it. You might not have to convince them too much because they will be up to it as soon as you mention it. Who wouldn’t?!

2. Have one-night stand

One-night stands with complete strangers are an interesting experience that you should have at least once. You can discover new fetishes and sexual fantasies during such a sexual encounter and even new sex toys and accessories. If you never had anal sex, using a butt plug during your one-night stand is a great idea. Add some nipple clips and even some bondage to spice things up even more. Depending on the person that you share this experience with you can even dive into some kinky BDSM fetishes as well. You never know what to expect when you have such an experience!

3. Role play

When it comes to roleplays you have a variety of options and accessories that you can use. You can be the director and the actor of an amazing sexual encounter and you have to try such an intense sex game at least once in your life. Use your imagination and creative skills to make the game as realistic as possible! Definitely something that should be on your sex bucket list!

4. A quickie in a skirt

Ah, quickies! So good for those moments when you need a fast orgasm but also so intense and exciting that you can’t miss them when the occasion comes up. You can have a quickie with your partner everywhere if you are dressed appropriately. As a girl, best things to wear for a successful quickie are skirts and dresses since they provide easy access to your genitalia. And you can even have a quickie in public to spice things up even more.

5. Use fur toys

Fur toys become more popular the more time goes by and many fetishes and sexual fantasies are developed around them. Couples find new ways to enjoy some cute fur tails and butt plugs and it can be extremely kinky to dive into such an experience. You can use a variety of fur accessories and sex toys from handcuffs to ankle cuffs and how you incorporate them into an intense sexual encounter is completely up to you and your partner.

And while these are great ideas that you can write down on your sex bucket list, the sky is the limit when it comes to what else you can add to all of these. To make it even more complex and keep you busy for the next years, talk with your partner and see what they are into and what they would like to experience as well. You can even develop a common sex bucket list and make it a goal to check off as many fantasies as you can during a week. This will make your sex life so much more interesting and you will never suffer or a boring sexual routine like so many other couples do.

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