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Why You Should Stay Naked More Often

We all love our kinky outfits but how about letting them go every now and then? Sexy clothes are not the only strategy that you can use to turn on your partner and increase your sexual pleasure. As a matter of fact, being naked is so much more effects and it gives you a lot more benefits than those that you might anticipate. So, let’s look at some good reasons why you should forget about your closet for a while and embrace the natural outfit that you came into this world with!

1. Exposure is a constant turn on

While being naked all day long might not always be an option for you, you can still do it every now and then and enjoy the results. Your lover will be so much more turned on by you if they see you naked and you will have more sexual encounters. Most of them will be spontaneous ones because they will not be able to control themselves and that can be quite hot. You will enjoy quickies as well as complex sex scenes and chances are none of you will complain about such a lifestyle. It is even hotter if you are naked when they less expect it like, when you are waiting for them to come home from work. Try to stay naked after you take a shower as well and whenever you two can enjoy some moments of intimacy. Doing regular house chores while you are naked can be an extreme turn on as well. So next time you are using that vacuum, do you really need the clothes? And, if you are not in a relationship, stay naked for your own fun. And always have that dildo or vibrator ready because you never know when the desire to masturbate comes along.

2. Increases self-confidence

Your self-confidence is a big aspect of your sexuality and your sex life equally. The more confident you are in yourself and the more you cherish your own body, the better your sexual encounters will get. You can try staying naked and wearing only some nipple clamps around the house to show your partner just how comfortable you are in your own skin. Or you can add one of those cute butt plugs with a crystal end to give them something to look at while they are staring at your sexy body. This type of behavior will stimulate both of you and will increase your sex appeal so much more so that you will get laid every time you want and even more often than that. Because for men, it is extremely difficult to refrain from their sexual desires when they see a beautiful, naked and confident woman walking around the house. It is almost like an open invitation and they will most likely accept it.

3. You appreciate your sexy outfits even more

And last but not least, after staying naked for a while, your sexy outfits will get a completely new value. You will not only appreciate them more but use them in a more efficient way now that you are comfortable even without them. You will feel the power that you have over your sexy lingerie and not the other way around. And your partner will be thrilled to see you wearing them as well after they got used to seeing you naked. The secret of such a sex life is to be able to find the right balance and mix the two types of excitement the best way you can. Don’t stay naked all the time but don’t wear your sexy outfits all the time either. Save an element of surprise always because you need to satisfy your lover’s curiosity and not only their sexuality and it takes your imagination and creative skills to balance this out in your advantage. Chances are that your lover will be turned on by both scenarios and your sex life will simply become better and better as time goes by!

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