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What is Sport Sex and Why Every Couple Should Give It a Try

Most likely you’ve heard about the difference between making love and enjoying some passionate sport sex. While both types of sexual encounters have their distinct charm and should be enjoyed equally, sport sex is a kind of sex scene focused less on emotions and intimacy and more on sexual practices, fetishes along with the intensity of a potential climax…or more. Some couples tend to skip these sessions of sport sex because they think they should make love and show emotion. It is of course a good idea to do so when we want to make our partner feel appreciated beyond our sex life. But sport sex can also contribute to a happy and healthy relationship. Here are some advantages of sport sex and why you should make it part of your sexual life!

1. It takes the pressure away

Sometimes sport sex can be a great way to relax and take the pressure of your relationship. You can play certain erotic games along with your partner as a way to enjoy your sexuality. It is a chance to leave your emotions aside…for the moment. A great accessory for such a sexual encounter is a mask or a blindfold to give the illusion of having sex with a complete stranger. This can be extremely hot. It can also become a fetish or a fantasy on its own as long as you are both on the same page. Best of all, it is a great way to prevent cheating so you can avoid further problems in your relationship. You can even add some dirty talk if both of you enjoy this. It can even reach a level of verbal humiliation. Keep an open mind and remember sport sex is mainly just a game. Save your romantic sexual intercourse for another time and keep the two separate for the sake of your relationship. During sport sex everything is allowed as long as both you and your lover have a great time doing it!

2. Releases stress

Sport sex is also a way to get rid of daily stress accumulated at work or from dealing with other life issues. You can have a quickie similar to an orgasm race and release the negative energy before it bursts through you into a sudden fight and get out of hand. Before starting let your partner know the goal of your sexual encounter so you have a mutual understanding of it and no one gets disappointed in the end. If your relationship is strong and built on a firm foundation of values, you should be able to enjoy some intense sport sex together. This can serve as long term therapy for both of you provided you know how to make it work in your favour! But the main condition for successful sport sex is having great communication as a couple and a high level of trust in each other.

3. You can discover new sex toys and fetishes

Sport sex is a great way to dive into new sex games and fetishes. You can add toys like nipple clamps or electro stimulating devices and even butt plugs to spice things up. Many couples discover bondage games and other BDSM practices during their sport sex sessions! You may need to make a little investment in your sexual arsenal to enjoy complex fetishes but it is all worth it in the long run. Remember the secret to such sexual encounters is to stimulate your curiosity and keep things as passionate as possible because there is more to it than reaching an orgasm. The entire sexual experience has its benefits and can even help you replace old sexual habits with new and exciting ones!

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