Your Ultimate Guides to Sexual Switching


Color Me Interested Lesbian Gender Play Ideas!

Gender play is a great addition to any sex life. Whether you are in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, there are different ways to practice it in the bedroom (or the living room, the kitchen, the car?...)


Devil in the Details: Feminine Cross Dressing Body Language Tips

The purpose of every successful crossdresser is to successfully portray a woman, correct? And in order to do so, you have to be able to avoid any little thing that may hinder the process, right?


Fun with ‘BOB & Peg’ - Pegging for Beginners!

Congratulations! You’re here because you want to try pegging. Or you may be here because you’re not entirely sure on what it consists?


Get a Grip! Choosing the Right Dildo Harness For You!

Choosing a harness is a very important process. Just like choosing a house, a car…a dildo, wink*. Usually, the man or woman using the dildo will choose their own preferred piece.


Have Stronger Orgasms Through Pegging & Prostate Stimulation!

Prostate stimulation is a great way to experiment new types of pleasure you haven’t gotten before. Like they say, you haven’t lived till you’ve had a prostate orgasm…what?


He/She/Me? Understanding Gender Identities

Gender identity is a key part of our sexuality and understanding how it works will make your life easier and will also help you get the most out of your sexual life.


If the Cuff Fits: Topping from the Bottom

When you are first starting out it pays very well to listen carefully when people talk about their role orientation. Communication is a two-way street and nurturing a dialog will give you a much better idea of how they see themselves and their interests.


Let’s Talk Pegging & Your Relationship - Together!

If you are a woman looking forward to trying pegging on your partner, you may be unsure as to exactly how to approach the subject.


Made for Action: Strap-Ons & You!

A strap on is nothing more than a harness and a dildo. Strap ons are used to penetrate, obviously. So they are a must have if you and your partner want to try pegging or the bend over boyfriend.


Make up Must-Haves - Where you can splurge and where you can save

Every cross dresser can tell you make up is a necessity for them. Make up will help you create the illusion to successfully pass as a woman, so it’s important that you get and buy some basics.


Speak Friend & Enter - How to Have Safe Pegging Playtime!

The Bend over Boyfriend or pegging position is something that attracts a lot of men and women just the same. Anal pleasure has been gaining more and more steam throughout the years and if you ask me, that’s wonderful!


Support Your Girls! Choosing the Appropriate Breast Size for your Cross Dressing Persona

Any man who envisions himself as a woman sometimes probably has a clear idea about what kind of woman he wants to be and how will she look like.


Switch Dynamics: Who gets tied up tonight?

Dan flips a coin, Michelle calls it in the air... Heads. The coin slowly flips and tumbles its way to the floor. They both wait for it with anticipation.


Taking the Plunge Together: Guidelines for Pegging

When it comes to pegging, you should obviously have a lot of fun. But in order for you and your partner to have fun, you will need to follow some guidelines to make the most out of this wonderful experience.


Three Benefits of Switching Roles

BDSM has two specific roles. There is the dominant, or top, of the relationship. Then there is the submissive, or bottom. While the majority of relationships involved in BDSM contain these two specific parties..


To The Limit - Why You Should Try a Strap-On!

Using a strap on on your partner can be a lot of fun. If you’re looking to explore new things in the bedroom, a strap on can be a great solution to enjoy different and fresh experiences.


Yes You Can! Keys to a Healthy Heterosexual Relationship

Coming out as a cross dresser to your partner can be both an exciting and terrifying moment at the same time. Whatever your specific case is, there is one thing that is true no matter the situation: the relationship dynamics will change.


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