3484LB Shiny Spandex Open Mouth & Eyes Hood

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My Shiny Spandex Open Mouth & Eyes Hood is a great choice for the nervous beginner and the long-time player alike! The open eyes and mouth make way for you to add your own blindfold and gag, so you get to choose the way you play.

It also makes your lover into a very mysterious stranger if you love that type of fantasy. The hood can be a great addition to your role play costume. The very comfortable spandex stretches snugly and fits quite perfectly to your head and feels fantastic.

Slip this on your cuffed girly sub to really bring out the play factor in your bondage session. You can slip a gag into the open mouth or you can put something else through it. My Master always has a dildo ready for such an occasion. 

Mistresses and their boy toys can also have fun with this hood. It's a great way to take your sissy training from mild to wild!

Available in one size and in black spandex.

Strictness Rating: 2.0

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