4467BD Are You The One? Spreader Gag

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This will show if you really are the one! Master once said to me "Open wide so I can see if you're the one!" I laughed, opened wide and apparently I am the one, so now it's your turn.

Our unique spreader gag is surprisingly effective, not just as a gag but also as a spreader, which it (obviously) excels at!

On top of this, it makes you drool uncontrollably, which I used to hate, until I found out Master loves it for the very same reason I hated it - I was simply helpless to control it! Dom/es...they love anything that makes you helpless (which is exactly why we love them so much!) A girlfriend once told me about how her Master likes to put honey on her tongue to really make her drool uncontrollably during role plays.

Another great thing about this gag is the way it spreads the cheeks while holding the mouth open wide for whatever things you might want to put in. Without the obstacle of a ring in their open mouth, you can use this as an open gag and fit things through it easily. *wink* 

Your pet's open mouth is perfect for experimentation. Why not play with dildosInflatable ones will be perfect! You can test how big and how deep your lovely little slave or sissy can take it. And who says we can only have fun with toys? I'm sure you've got something down there for your sub's open mouth to play with! 

Even with it's amazing effectiveness, the Are You The One? Spreader Gag is remarkably easy to wear. The curved edges are easy on the cheeks and each side of the gag has little ball tips to make it easy on the insides of the mouth. The adjustable strap pulls it all together, literally, it works with a slide adjuster so the cheeks can be pulled apart just enough or a LOT depending on how strict you like it.

So...Are You The One?

The adjustable gag fits from 13.5" to 19" around the head.

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For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Rating: 2.0 - 4.0 depending on use.

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