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7041RC Complete Leg Binder Sleeve with Hogtie Straps

Wow - here's a complete set and then some! It's like being a mermaid, but so much better! You might still have to seduce your lover to be released, though not from a spell, and your lover won't need a spell to take your voice away, either, they'll just need a really good gag! (However, don't blame us for any wicked spells that might make you helpless to resist!)

This full set includes a leg binder with hogtie straps (mmm-HMMMmmmmm!) with lacing that bind you all the way up and down the legs, from your hips to your toes. You can lace it tightly for a deliciously tight, helpless squeeze. It's like having an armbinder on your legs, and what an incredible feeling! Like I said..."wow".

The lacing is just the start of making your sub helpless. There's a foot portion to hold everything comfortably tight and helpless. Speaking of which, the large D-ring attached to the tip of the foot portion allows the attachment and drawing in of the included straps. Once this beautiful and unique leg binder is laced on, the straps come next. (Or lace in one of these, and it might be you who's cumming next!)

That D-ring at the tip of your feet holds a strap which buckles in to the waist / hip straps to allow the feet to be pulled in to your waist for an amazing hogtie-like bondage position. These straps have lots of adjustment so everyone can be bound tightly, but comfortably. The way Master had this binder laced on me tight and the waist straps buckled on, I couldn't get loose from it at all. Add the hogtie strap and all that's left is some cuffs for a completely, wonderfully helpless time! (Though you could pair this with wraps, rope or an armbinder for a really amazingly helpless bondage position!) It's surprising how very effective this style is!

The entire set is made with soft and durable easy to wear and easy to care for leatherette. Love messy playtime with lotions, oils, lubes and the occasional food item? We've got you covered with this one. It cleans up just like new with a wipe of a damp cloth! Easy on the wallet, easy to wear, but super-strict restraint...what more could you want? Well, you're right, you will need one of those for what you've got planned, but you can get that here too!

The leg length measures 40" from the top of the binder to the tips of the toes and the straps allow for a great deal of adjustability, from 28" up to 40" across the hips.

Please note, as this is a PVC item, it not only costs far less than leather, it is designed to beautifully and erotically restrain and will not withstand heavy struggling or stresses or strains on the material. It's a great way to play for less!

Strictness Rating: 5.0

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