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Essential Rules for One-Night Stands

Having a one-night stand is a great way to experience a lovely night of pure sexual bliss, with no strings attached. Not only is it great for your sex life, one night stands can also give you a lot of positive things like better self-esteem and well, a great amount of satisfaction. Studies have shown you are less prone to depression and anxiety if you give in to those desires of having a one-night stand or sex without attachments. Think about this, it’s like scratching an itch when you feel the need to. But, there are some rules you need to follow to do this right.

Set your mind to it

    You need to be completely sure this is what you want, so you can give yourself permission to enjoy it as much as you can. Don’t get too caught up on how you will be seen or how you should act, just give in to those desires because they are completely normal. As long as you and your partner agree this is a one-time thing, no strings attached or expectations to follow, then you are good to go.

    Prioritize safety and make sure to use protection

      Before you do it, make sure you have protection, maybe a condom at hand (or several, since the night is long after all). It is always a clever idea to carry a condom in your wallet or purse for such occasions as it would be very unfortunate if you don’t have it when the opportunity strikes. But, if neither of you has one, make a quick stop and buy a pack. You should never engage in intercourse without protection, especially in this arrangement where you don’t entirely know the person. You may think this is a hassle, but getting an STD or becoming pregnant or getting someone pregnant is a bigger hassle.

      Another thing to keep in mind is before going home with someone, you should always gauge if they are in their right mind to partake in the sexual activity consensually. If they are clearly not sober enough then it is best to send them home or don’t go home with them in the first place.

      Communicate effectively

      If at some point you are approached by someone who is looking for something serious and you are only looking for a one-night stand, then honesty is your best policy. Proper communication is one the most important things in life, so be very clear with what you are looking for. Make sure to tell them right away before they get led on into something not right for either of you.

      The cool thing about one-time sexual experiences is they can be a great way to indulge in some fantasies. They are a fantastic way to experiment sexually, if your partner also wants to try it. Just make sure to discuss it before you do anything because no one wants to be surprised in this situation. For instance, if you want to try role play, you should mention it before you start with, “Oh teacher, spank me because I have been bad.”

      Be considerate

      You can still have morning sex, only if both of you want it. You can go for some kisses or caresses. If they reject those advances, then it probably means they are not interested, so let them go in peace. When you are done, make sure to follow common rules of decency. If you are both upfront from the start, there is no need to make awkward goodbyes or invent a weird excuse explaining why they have to leave. But before they go, at least offer them something to drink, a ride home or offer to call a cab for them. You are both adults, so it will look bad if any of you are rude. Although there is no spoken rule about this, if you feel there is enough chemistry, you can maybe be open to the possibility of seeing them again, but don’t be offended if they say no. Remember, this is what one-night stands are all about.

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