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Interesting Facts about Clitoral Stimulation

The clitoris can be a source of confusion for a lot of men (and women!). That small bundle of nerves continues to be something a little mysterious, especially if we consider the great amount of pleasure it can bring. When played in the right way, it can give a woman the most powerful orgasm she has probably experienced, and that’s probably why all over the world (men and women) should know how to play it right. But given that is something a little enigmatic, let’s look at some interesting facts about it:

  • You may already know this (you maybe have experienced it first hand, actually, wink*), but the clitoris is the most powerful sexual organ a woman possesses. This means is key to the process of getting aroused.
  • A lot of the whole “clitoris confusion” comes from the fact it’s a bit hidden. While the exact location varies from woman to woman, the rough coordinates are these ones: it’s located just above the outer labia of the vagina, more specifically right above the vaginal opening. I should mention it’s covered by the clitoral hood, a layer of skin that protects it (he’s shy, you see wink*)
  • It can appear as a nub or bump. As I said before, this is not an “all clits are the same”, so the size will vary from woman to woman. Some may be larger and others smaller. The important thing? It may be barely visible and it may be hidden under skin, but it will be connected to a very large bundle of nerves.
  • Unlike some other body parts, a woman clitoris will never stop growing (sorry guys, don’t be jealous). They get larger as a woman ages, so it may be simpler to find it then, wink*
  • As I mentioned before, the clitoris is an organ. And it was created only and specially for sexual pleasure! That means it has no other function in our bodies, except to bring pleasure (isn’t that kind of great?)
  • And since we are at it, the female clitoris is the part in our bodies with the most nerve endings. That explains why it was created for sexual pleasure and why it brings so much joy.
  • Now, us women cannot envy men. “Why?” You ask. Well, as a woman gets turned on, the clitoris gets erect. Yes, in fact it gets a small erection like a very, very small penis.
  • If you stimulate the clitoris during vaginal penetration, the woman will achieve orgasm much quicker (and effectively) But once again, you may have already know that, wink*.
  • Clitoris are not a human thing only, some other female animals have them as well. Among those lucky items in the animal world that have them are the hyena, the bonobo ape and all chimps. But only apes use them as us human beings: for sexual pleasure.
  • A little terrifying fact: hyenas use their clitoris to give birth (now, I’ve never been more happy not to be a hyena)
  • If you are not sure how to stimulate a clitoris, start simple. This means using your hand to explore. If you have a partner, they can also use their hand or their tongue. A clitoris can be stroked, massaged, kissed or licked, so take your pick, wink*.
  • If you want to take it to the next step and build up a more powerful orgasm, you can stimulate the clitoris with these things:
  • Vibrators: While a normal sized vibrator won’t make anyone complain, the mini bullet ones work best for stimulating the clitoris.
  • Clitoral pumps: Don’t be scared by the name! They can be extremely helpful when it comes to creating stimuli. Pumps increase sensitivity, not just in the clitoris, but also in the surrounding areas. Clitoral or pussy pumps make the clitoris swell and increase blood flow, making those lady bits more… mmm, receptive.
  • Just as men love blowjobs, women love some tongue stimulation. So don’t be scared to give some cunnilingus to your lady (and if you are a lady, don’t be scared to ask for it! Wink*)
  • If you want to take it up a notch during foreplay, try some mutual masturbation. This will show the guy what the woman likes; besides the whole experience will be really intense and arousing. If you as a woman are a little shy to attempt this, try wearing a blindfold.

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