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Sex in Antique Greece

Ancient Greece has many sexual rituals that not only increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction but also have a positive impact on the fertility issues. Phallus was considered to be one of the objects that needed to be worshiped in order to increase the level and quality of fertility. A unique view on sexuality that is specific to Ancient Greece is their perspective on women in general and wives in particular. Wives were perceived as carriers of children and providers of sexual satisfaction for their men and women had the same sexual goals for their concubines.

When it comes to sexuality, Ancient Greece didn’t have many limits and they could enjoy almost everything. Women were considered servants or slaves in the household which brought into light some BDSM practices, maybe the first BDSM fetishes that we are still enjoying today. Sadomasochism and the concept of a dominant partner and a submissive one came, without a doubt from the Ancient Greece. Homosexuality was as common and normal and heterosexuality and bisexuality, which increased even more the Greek sexual culture along the decades and centuries. These sexual performances had the same importance as other educative arts that were so popular in Ancient Greece such as music, religion, philosophy and politics. However, certain relationships between adults were not being so approved even if they were tolerated. Lesbian relationships for instance were not considered quality once or dignifying enough for any woman, but homosexual ones had more social acceptance. This perspective is tightly connected with the social culture of Ancient Greece and the supremacy of men over women. Men wanted to feel needed and irreplaceable for their women and not witness some lesbian relationship. Prostitution was also an institution and ancient Greek men considered it to be a necessity. Women had to please men in any form and men had the freedom to find the sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction that they needed outside they marriage or official relationship. Most often than not, ancient Greek men were not known for how faithful they were but for how sexually open they were. Some of this sexuality remained until this day, when homosexuality and bisexuality are tolerated and accepted in Greece, as well as lesbian couples. The BDSM practices remained as well especially since in Ancient Greece the concept of forced sex was seen more as a “right of domination”. Men had the right to use any methods in order to obtain sexual pleasure from their women and that was never condemned by society or governments. This helped nowadays society of Greece to be more open to new sexual fetishes and practices and have a wide BDSM culture which can be found more intensively in the capital of Greece, Athens.

Even Greek religion encourages forced sex. Zeus was the most powerful god in their religion and he used to force women to please him and fulfill his sexual fantasies. Gods also used to indulge in sexual activities with young boys which created a path of homosexuality that was continued by the ancient Greek men. This kind of practice became an example for Greek men and they understand the excitement of a well set BDSM scene very well, maybe better than any other culture, because it has strong roots in their social and religious history. In Ancient Greece, most women didn’t know who the father of their child was and that was never a problem for the rest of the society. Could have been one of the leaders or could have been one of the Gods. Either way, birth control methods were not very popular back then, and definitely not as popular as they are now. Nowadays, Greece is a country with very sexual people who are willing to explore more fetishes and sexual fantasies every time they get the chance. Greek men are still expressing a superior attitude which makes them incredible good dominant partners and Greek women seem to enjoy the submissive role within their relationship, which makes the Greek culture be a perfect sexual culture.

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