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Sex culture in Islam

The Islamic culture is so vast one and the sexual aspect of it makes no difference. It has a lot of regulations but also a lot of interesting aspects to it, and the world could learn a lot from their sexual practices. To start with, in Islam, sex is officially allowed after marriage and only with the spouse. Which makes them be a very sexual nation with many developed fetishes and activities that they are looking forward to experiment.

Sex is considered almost sacred in Islamic world and under this logic, it is cherished very much, almost considered to be a gift inside the married couple. There is an intense debate when it comes to oral sex. Many Muslims find it exciting and very desirable while others find it inappropriate, even when it is done between a husband and a wife. And since their sexual practices derive straight from their religion beliefs, the restrictions are rather honorable. However, those who do allow oral sex are very open to anal sex as well. They believe that inside a marriage, everything is allowed, which gives the husband and the wife the freedom to experiment as much as they want. Even if official opinions are split, indoor practices are very different! Muslim people are very sexual people with a lot of desire to discover new sexual aspects and reach new intimate pleasures! This makes them very sexual active with their loved ones and very curios in terms of new sexual practices. Those who agree to oral sex, consider it an important part of foreplay. And any sexual scene that starts with a session of oral sex is so much more intense for both partners involved so Muslim people really know the way to a great orgasm! Because they cherish their sexual life so much, they tend to be more passionate when they practice sexual activities which makes their sex life a very intense one with a lot of sexual satisfaction. Nowadays there are Islamic countries that allow more sexual freedom, since they get a lot of influences from the western culture and civilizations. A very interesting part of the Islamic sexual culture is that, inside a marriage, the husband should have sexual intercourse with his wife by her rules and he should perform those sexual activities that give her pleasure in the first place. His pleasure is important as well, but it comes second on the list of priorities. The husband is almost obligated to have sex with his wife, even if, this is a pleasure of course, it is also considered to be a duty. Another area that is officially prohibited for Islamic people but nevertheless, desires is, anal intercourse. Most Muslim people indulge in anal intercourse with their wives and it is normal to be like this but those who follow their religion in a strict way don’t appreciate this practice. Like any nation, the official rules don’t always match the personal ones, and as long as the couple is happy and satisfied, no one needs to know how they got there. This is the logic that allows most Muslims a kind of sexual freedom that others only crave to have.

Overall, Islamic people cherish foreplay intensively and don’t rush it because they know that a good foreplay is the start of an even better sexual encounter! They respect their wives and offer them the pleasure that they need in the bedroom, which says a lot about their dignity and morals. However, there are many Muslim people that got in contact with other countries and sexual cultures and started to apply that kind of sexual freedom to their own lives. It is a matter of understanding and setting the right limits. And, sometimes, having these limits makes sexual encounters so much more exciting for Muslim people because they do all they can to reach the sexual satisfaction that they are after!

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