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Sex in Christianity

Christianity is a complex culture and the way it treats sexuality is very diverse along the history, with plenty of religious influences and norms. Marriage is the center of sexuality and according to some Christians, it continues after Death with an eternal life in Heaven. Therefore, according to both the New Testament and the Old One, inside the marriage there is no such thing as prohibited sexual activities.

A husband and a wife can indulge in any form of sexuality they prefer, as long as they are both finding pleasure and sexual satisfaction during their sexual encounters. Modern Christianity allows even more than that. Couple can start their sexual life before marriage and this is one of the unofficial rules that apply around the Christian world. The sexual obligations between the spouses, inside a married couple, are very similar to the Islamic ones. The husband should always offer the sexual pleasure that his wife desires and also the wife should fulfill her husband’s sexual desires and fantasies. This leaves space for a lot of sexual freedom inside the couple. Christians are also open to bondage and BDSM practices, even if they seem to be developed more in the past years, along their recent history. When it comes to sexual fetishes, there are a lot of aspects of it. Christians will have a set of official rules and a set of practices that they indulge in, eve if not for everyone to observe. What happens between the sheets, stays between the sheets and this rule seems to apply to most Christians around the world. However, according to their history, Christians took sexuality a step forward than Jewish people did. They put more importance on physical sexual pleasures and intercourse and were more open to experiment new sexual encounters which why many fetishes developed in the Christian world. When it comes to homosexuality, according to their religion, Christians are not encouraging such sexual practices and the same perspective goes for lesbians and the entire LGBT community. However, it is a known fact that important Christian figures indulged in such practices along the history. Especially rulers and important political figures who had access to means that they could use to satisfy all their sexual fantasies. This makes Christians very open-minded people as long as the limit between what is official and what is private is respected. Their sexual fetishes are separated from their lifestyle and they tend to remain separate even when two people get married. Men are very sexual with their spouses but also know how to appreciate sex outside the marriage which makes them fall into all kinds of affairs but also develop new sexual identities and levels of pleasure. This is why many Christian couples prefer to stay in an open relationship. That way they can experiment their sexual abilities and enrich their knowledge in the matter without damaging their main relationship.

The world had a lot to learn from Christianity’s perspective on sexuality and many other cultures were influenced by its beliefs and practices. It seems that the Christian world is one that accepts the benefits of sex and tries to incorporate them into a healthy and happy relationship, as much as they can, without damaging the morality rules and norms that they follow. The concept of sin is very present in Christianity and it is connected to lust and sex outside the marriage. However, in the many forms of this culture, a sin is not a reason to not explore one’s sexuality the way they desire, it is just a reason to find new ways to explore it, ways that are more socially accepted. Overall, Christians know how to maintain their sexual freedom along the centuries and they are also open to experiment new sexual fetishes and practices that will help them rich a better intimate relationship. The limits exist, but they are not so strongly imposed to prohibit any sexual practices or encounters.

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