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The Truth about Men Who Love the Chase

For some reason - it has been imposed on men for centuries and centuries - guys really do love a good chase when it comes to women. Maybe this is why women like to play hard to get? But this can be somewhat tricky because there can be a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to what chasing really means.

This can lead to some misinterpretation: ‘If I like him, why should I let him chase me?’ If you are one of those women who doesn’t understand why this is even a thing, you should definitely read more about this. Like I said, the truth is men like the act of chasing a woman. It is sort of like the ultimate guy dream for a lot of men. But what do men like so much about it? Especially since men tend to think they hate it when women play hard to get. So can you be his dream come true?

Men like chasing a woman because it feeds their ego and because they want to be completely sure they want to continue pursuing the girl. This usually stems from the fact they know great catches get a lot of attention. With this logic, a girl has many options to choose from. So, while this is not a chase in the proper sense of the world, it is all about picking what man they like the best of the bunch. Yes, you need to show her you are worth it wink*

This so called chase is good because it makes the man fall in love gradually. Usually they make the girl fall in love with them first, so they can move on with the relationship. Basically this all comes down to them seeking the approval of the woman first. They really want to charm the girl (it is the main goal.) By this logic, if you are considered ‘too easy’ (when it comes to goals, not in a sexual way) they may believe he will need to look for someone else, someone ‘better.’ But of course I should give a special mention to those cases when you are completely sure the two of you are really into each other. If this is your case, forget everything I said about the chase and kiss him/have sex/begin a relationship/whatever you want. Keep in mind, the chase is all about gauging potential relationships and dating material, so if you are sure on both fronts it is best if you skip it right away.

About how much you should work on the chase, it will depend on how much into you he is. If you make the chase too long he can loose interest easily if he is not willing to work hard, so evaluate the situation carefully. If someone you like is trying to pursue you, make it somewhat easy for him. However if you are not completely sold on him or simply think he is just looking for any girl, definitely go ahead and play hard to get. If he stays to the end, then he really did like you!

So, how can you make this chase work for you? Well, don’t tell him right away you are really into him and you are completely falling in love with him or you really miss him when you don’t see him. In a sense, you should make this fun for him because it will be better this way! Don’t be afraid of giving something special unexpectedly, he will want to chase you even more if he knows those moments can occur! Kiss him when he doesn’t see it coming or send him a cute text every now and then.

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