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Orgies, Dos or Don'ts?

Orgies can be extremely hot, if you are sexually open for them and there are many positive aspects that come along with such an experience. One can engage in such an experience alone or as a couple and it can develop their own sexuality as well as the future sexual experiences within their relationship. It is important to know that orgies are different than threesomes and even group sex. An orgy is a crowd of people which can be formed of singles and couples, that engage in sexual encounters with their partner or with other partners in the same room. And there are certain aspects that you need to consider when you want to engage into such a sexual adventure, as well as some pieces of advice that will help you along the way. So, let’s see what are the main tips and tricks of having an amazing orgy and the only situation in which you shouldn’t have one!

1. Sometimes masks are involved

One of the common practices that are popular among orgies are covering the partners’ identity by having them wear masks. Some might have BDSM flavor and include blindfolds or hoods and this is usually happening when the orgy has a certain team. Some orgies are bondage orientated while others are more about experiencing a mix of fetishes and fantasies according to the preferences of the partners involved in the sexual act. And there are several sex toys and accessories that might be involved as well. Each partner comes with their own sexual arsenal and their own sexual desires. Orgasm belts are very popular especially for orgasm control kind of games that can be successfully played during an orgy but also the basic vibrators and dildos that can always be used.

2. You might have sex with different partners

Having sex with different partners is actually the goal of attending an orgy for most of the members who dive into such an intense experience. If you are single this might seem as a blessing, so you shouldn’t have second thoughts about it. However, if you are in a relationship there might be limits to consider. There are many couples that like to add some sexual variety to their sex life and attend orgies in order to discover new sides of their sexuality and also new fetishes and fantasies to share with their lover. And you can be one of them if you give this amazing experience a chance. It is important to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try new things during such a sexual experience because you can have intense orgasms one after another and you will enjoy your sexuality for hours to come. Make sure to have protection handy just in case you need to use it with one of your partners. And since at many orgies new people tend to appear, using protection might be a good idea to avoid a sexual transmitted disease but also an unwanted pregnancy!

3. Don’t try an orgy if you are emotionally unsecure on your relationship

There is one situation in which you should have second thoughts when it comes to joining such an intense sexual experience. Considering that both you and your partner will be involved in sexual stimulation and sexual intercourse with other partners in order to enjoy the event even better, you have to make sure that your couple’s connection is secure and emotionally stable. If your relationship is not based on a strong level of trust and a strong bounding, you will not be able to enjoy an orgy at its fullest capacity and even more than that, you will not be able to have a happy and healthy relationship after that. Chances are that it could damage your relationship more than it could help your sexuality and this is the opposite effect of what is expected from an orgy.

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