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Rules of Safe Sex that You Should Know!

Sex is a big part of our lives and it should be treated with the importance and attention that it deserves. A great sex life makes for a better life in all its aspects and pleasure is not the only thing that should be in our mind when we analyze our sex life! Safety is just as important if not even more important than pleasure and it is primordial in front of any other sexual aspects. Here are some rules that will help you have a healthy sex life and therefore, a pleasant and happy one! And this is also for the benefit of your partner as well so apply it for both of you and pass it along to them!

1. Keep a healthy and constant hygiene routine

Personal hygiene should be one of your main concern not only for the sake of your sex life but for your general health as well! It is important to respect all the hygiene rules that once, your mother used to make you respect! This will reduce your risk of catching certain diseases and infections and will also make you feel good about yourself in so many other aspects. Is important to prioritize intimate hygiene over any other kind of hygiene and make sure that your sex partner does the same for the benefit of both of you!

2. Use protection

Nowadays there are so many ways to protect yourself during a sexual encounter that there is no excuse valid for those moments when you underestimate this important aspect. From all the protection methods, the most efficient one against STD is the condom, not to mention pregnancy which is not always the goal of a good sex scene. While against pregnancy there are many pills and sexual ways to avoid it, sexual diseases are mostly kept away by condoms and hygiene and nothing else. Beyond these aspects, it is a matter of gambling but hey, at least you can’t say you didn’t do your best!

3. Keep your sex toys clean

Your sex toys are so important when you want to have a healthy sexual life! You use them all the time, you share them with your partner or partners, you misplace them, you leave them on the shelf where they can catch a lot of bacteria and dust…in one word, you abuse your sex toys like the rest of us do during the race for a good orgasm and during our daily routine! When it comes to toy cleaners, you have options to choose from as well. So, before you reach for your dildo next time, or your nipple clamps, make sure to grab your cleaner as well and make it shine for your next sexual encounter! This is significantly important for toys that touch your genitalia such as vibrators or butt plugs or any other sex toys that please you in that aspect. Your partner will be very thankful for that as well since sexual safety is not all about yourself all the time!

These three tips and rules might save you from a lot of unwanted situations and negative consequences that can appear after a night of pleasure. You can add many other tips and rules and each person has their individual ways of protecting themselves, however, if you cover the STD and pregnancy risk, you are good to enjoy a happy and healthy sex life. This will result in a happy and healthy relationship as well and your partner will most likely follow your example if they don’t know how to protect themselves already. Don’t refrain from sharing these rules with all the partners that you have sexual relations with and make sure that everything is safe for both of you before focusing on the amount of pleasure that you can get. No orgasm is worth to sacrifice your health over it and what is even better is that you don’t have to do so if you pay a little attention to this important aspect of your sex life!

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