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Sex Problems that You Should Talk About with Your Partner

When it comes to sex, couples prefer actions to words and this is totally understandable if we think about how hot can sexual encounters be. And they can get even hotter with all the new fetishes and fantasies that are developed constantly and supported by a wide variety of sex toys and accessories. However, talking about your sex life with your partner can be just as important as practicing it. And not necessarily chats about the positive aspects of your sex life but the challenges that you are facing as well. The worst thing that you can do is ignore your sexual problems and pretend like everything is fine when it actually isn’t. So, let’s see what are the most important sex issues that any couple should talk about and find solutions for!

1. Sexual discomfort

Sexual discomfort can be a common issue when it comes to the intimacy of many couples and it can be quite tricky to talk about it. Discomfort might appear during sexual intercourse or sexual stimulation equally and it might not even be your partner’s fault. As a matter of fact, most of the times it isn’t their fault at all and itis just a consequence of a sexual practice that simply doesn’t work for both of you. It could be generated by a sex toy that you are not enjoying such as a dildo or a butt plug that comes in the wrong size for your preferences. Or maybe an electro-stimulating device that you simply don’t like and makes you feel uncomfortable while using it. No matter how much your partner likes any of these toys that make you feel uneasy, you should find the right way to let your feelings shown and tell them what you think about such sexual practices. There are plenty of fetishes that you can try together so there is no need to compromise every time you don’t feel that you are both on the same page when you enter the bedroom.

2. Unprotected intercourse

Unprotected intercourse is a serious issue for so many reasons! The main ones are unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases. If you want to avoid such unpleasant consequences, staying protected during sexual intercourse should be one of your main concerns. And you should definitely have a discussion with your partner when it comes to both of these reasons. It is important to reach a common understanding of the situation and agree with a common protection form to be able to enjoy your sexual encounters with as little worries as possible. Such a conversation is even more mandatory if your relationship is in its beginning phase.

3. Things that turn you off

We all have things that turn off our sex drive and desire but if we don’t share them with our partners, we risk being their victim in various situations. Part of having a successful sex life is a good communication and you should know what your partner likes in bed as well as they should be aware of your intimate tastes too. Be open and tell them if you are into a fetish or another and negotiate with your lover in order to reach the best sex scene that you can share together. Maybe you don’t like to be blindfolded so much but your partner loves this sex practice. Tell them how you feel and you can find a new fetish that you can share together in the same level of intensity.

Communication is essential not only for a good sex life but also for a happy and healthy relationship and expressing yourself is something that you shouldn’t neglect at all. Make sure to not be harsh about it and if the sex subject that you are planning to touch is a little sensitive, open a diplomatic discussion to reach a common solution for it.

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