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3 Reasons Couples Should Have More Sex

Having sexual encounters with your lover as often as possible is always a great idea to maintain an interesting relationship for both of you. But what if you manage to do it daily for at least a year? How would this affect your intimate connection? Would it be beneficial for your relationship or simply a bit too much?

You never know until you try but we can give you some idea of what to expect if you are planning to do this experiment! Before we dive any deeper into this type of topic, is important to know a sexual routine is never good idea for a relationship. The elements of surprise should be there every now and then to create the feeling of mystery and attraction two people need to stay connected with each other at the physical level as well as the emotional one.

Increases intimacy between you and your partner

    The intimacy level between you and your lover is just as important as the emotional one and the sexual one. As a matter of fact, the level of intimacy tends to be a mixture between the emotional and sexual aspects of a relationship.

    For this reason, having a happy and healthy relationship requires you to keep an eye on all these sides. When you are having daily sexual encounters, you will feel more connected with your partner and also more in touch with your sexual life!

    This will also increase the level of comfort you have around each other and the level of security you have when it comes to your relationship. So, even if you have a quickie and not a developed sex scene, it is worth to be intimate with your partner every day! Not to mention how pleasant it is to do such an experiment!

    Makes the relationship stronger over time

      A relationship doesn’t get stronger over time by itself. No matter how much love is between you and your partner, there are certain things you need to consider if you want to develop your relationship and take it in the right direction for the long run. You don’t have to get overly creative every time you have a sexual encounter, you can simply use a dildo or a pair of nipple clamps to have a hot intimate scene with your lover. There are toys to stimulate both of you for those times when you are too tired to do it or when you don’t have too much time for it.

      Electro stimulating devices work great for these types of occasions and they can provide you with an intense sexual satisfaction the more you use them! These toys and accessories make daily sex so much more realistic and they also encourage you to save at least an hour a day to get closer to your lover! Over time this will make your relationship unbreakable, not to mention all the fun such a habit would add to it.

      You add diversity to your sex life

        Diversity is always a good thing and it should never be underestimated. If you find yourself in some sort of sexual routine you should probably find ways to change it and make it interesting again! This will be for your own benefit as well as for your relationship. You can spice things up by adding new sex toys and accessories such as penis pumps or different forms of bondage.

        Your lover will be more than happy to join you and experience new sexual sensations and pleasures with you. Your sex life will never be boring again! If you keep an open mind and a high level of curiosity, your sex life will be just as intense and exciting as it should be to achieve a satisfying relationship!

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