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3 Ways to Cheat-Proof Your Relationship

Staying faithful might come natural, at least at the beginning of a relationship. But in time, temptations could take over. So, as a precaution, you need to know how to avoid them or deal with them if they appear. In essence, a happy and healthy relationship should be able to withstand the test of time.

Even so, here are some ways to help you keep things as spicy as the first time you met each other. These ideas cover the sexual and emotional aspects of a relationship to help satisfy your fantasies without having to look elsewhere!

1. Keep trying new things together

    In this case, “things” would mean fantasies, fetishes, and sexual desires. In other words, everything you feel your body needs. Beware of falling into a sexual routine as it would only damage your relationship over time. Try to discover new levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction together and experience them with an open mind.

    If you are into BDSM practices but your partner is not so into them, you can start by purchasing some sex toys and accessories to spark their curiosity. Start small, a nice spanking paddle or flogger and a nice rope for a potential bondage experience might pique their interest. Make them wonder about how it feels to live out such pleasures.  In no time, your sexual life will be enriched because of it.

    2. Have a threesome

      When you feel the temptation to try something new, having a threesome might be the best answer you are looking for. Inviting a third person in your bedroom will not put your relationship in danger.

      Likewise, it is not considered cheating. Rather it will satisfy the need to try and have a sexual encounter with someone other than your partner. This can also be a great way to open up new sexual possibilities for you and your partner. In addition, it can teach both of you new things to apply in future experiences together.

      However, be considerate of what your partner does not like to do or is not open to trying with the third person you invited. What is important is for your partner to see how it works. Perhaps, in the future they will be able to imagine how it feels and maybe later on be more open to the next opportunity. Remember, the power of example more than anything else makes a person curious about new sexual practices.

      3. Stay in touch with your feelings

        Staying in touch with your feelings doesn’t just involve you. It is about you and your partner. Make it a point to have sessions of aftercare following an intense BDSM encounter then assure them of your true feelings. This kind of bonding helps balance your emotions and builds mutual trust essential in a relationship.

        A happy and healthy relationship is not based only on sexual satisfaction but also on emotions. If you take care of both aspects, chances are you will not feel the need to cheat or have any sexual affair with someone other than your partner.

        The subjects of faithfulness and why people cheat are controversial. It can also happen to anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It is often a natural human instinct to satisfy emotional and physical needs elsewhere when their current relationship doesn’t provide these.

        However, you can avoid this by communicating with your partner. It is also helpful to have an open mind, consider playing sexual games with your partner to broaden your sex life and make it more exciting! If you make a routine out of trying something new then your interest in one another will remain alive. Best of all, your love for your partner will continue to grow!

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