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What Men Really Think About during Sex

Men have an amazing imagination but when it comes to their sexual encounters, they tend to keep a very practical mind and have thoughts that will positively control their performance in bed. Some have kinky thoughts about what they would like to experience during the sex scene while others focus on their own body in order to prolong the pleasure and delay a possible orgasm. Let’s see the main things that men have in their mind when they are engaging in an intense sexual encounter!

“Prolong the erection”

Most men tend to be worried about their erection. Just having one is not enough to prove what they can do in bed, but the time they can keep it going is also very important and women care for that too. When a sexual scene ends too fast, and it was not meant to be a quickie, the level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction might not be the one that both partners expected and hoped for. Especially during intense sexual stimulation scene that imply more than sexual intercourse, men are concerned about their performance. For instance when they use a butt plug, or when they are in a form of bondage with their partner. Some men prefer to use prostate stimulators during a sex scene especially because such an intense stimulation helps them maintain their erection longer.

“Birth control thoughts”

During sexual intercourse, when no protection is used, it is inevitable for men to not think of birth control and possible consequences of the intimate act. Even if they are in a steady relationship and the thought of becoming parents is not so terrifying, they are still controlled by such concerns right before they climax. A naughty partner will be able to help them relax and enjoy the sexual encounter more than their inner worries. If your man’s mind is drifting away or so it seems, try to mix some dirty talk in the sex scene to distract their attention and get them even more excited during the sexual encounter. Using different sex toys and accessories will keep their mind entertained as well, so don’t hesitate to wear a pair of nipple clamps for instance to spice things up even more for both of you. Men are highly stimulated visually and that is all about their partner capacity to entertain their imagination before and during the sexual encounter.

“Sexual fantasies and fetishes”

Some men get creative and use their imagination a lot during a sex scene. Which is why they tend to be spontaneous when it comes to trying new sexual positions or new sex toys and accessories. Even if the sex scene starts as a romantic one, it can easily become a BDSM scene if he lets his mind wonder and acts on his sexual desires and fantasies. This is a good thing because their partners will never get bored with them and there is no factor of predictability. One can’t tell what would be the next move and it might be quite interesting to experience this kind of freedom between the sheets.

“What if…”

What if…this is the kind of thought that brings trouble. When a man thinks like that during sex he doubts his sexuality and his actions and, as a consequence, the sexual encounter will not be a very satisfying one because he will lack self-confidence. What if he is not good enough? What if he does something wrong? What if he should try something new or, shouldn’t try that because it might end up bad? All these questions are never constructive and they will end up in a series of unsecure actions that will leave their partner trying to figure out what they actually want from such a sexual encounter. If your man is having these kind of worries during sex, you might need to take control of the situation for the benefit of both of you.

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