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Autumn's Cross Dressing Guide: Crossdresser’s Fun Travel Bag Essentials

A common scenario in life is when you go away for a few days, whether on vacation, a business trip or just to stay in a hotel for a night. Usually, these scenarios are planned or, to the least, you’d expect to get lucky with your special someone wink*. So just as you are packing your bag and you’d include sunscreen and a bathing suit if you’re going to the beach or a sweater if you’re going to the mountains…a couple of toys will no doubt make their way there (Ohh, how this got here? Wink*) If you are a cross dresser, you can expect your bag will include even more things to get those coveted sexy-away times.

Just as you would when you pack, it’s important to plan ahead what clothes will you be wearing; every outfit must be planned so you know exactly what to get, including shoes, make up, wigs, etc. You should keep in mind skirts will probably allow you to create more combinations than dresses. As for padding and forms, foam pads will be less of a hassle if you are going to travel by plane because silicone padding contains gel and they can go through inspection at the airport.

When it comes to make up, you will need to pack a make-up bag or a pouch with the bare necessities. For all the liquid products that have bigger containers, transfer them to smaller ones with the appropriate amount you think you will need while you’re away. If it’s possible, get small and square containers for eye shadow and highlighter. And pack your brushes correctly so they don’t get damaged! Also, don’t forget wipes/make up remover, a few balls of cotton and q-tips.

For your wig, it’s better to pack just one. If it’s possible pack a stand so it doesn’t lose the shape. When you are packing it, put some soft items like stockings in your wig cap so it doesn’t crease. You can also wrap the wig in a soft scarf to avoid damages as well. As a last resort, you can put it flat on the bottom of your suitcase so the weight of everything else protects it.

Another necessary item will be a small battery operated razor (you can also add another important small battery operated item… Hitachi, cough cough), this way you can keep your beard situation under control without needing to resort to a beard cover every time. Happy going away time, wink*.

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