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Why You Should Try Cross Dressing

Cross-dressing and gender play are a great form to explore one’s sexuality and to improve a person’s sex life. Dipping your toes in this practice can be as fully blown out as you want, so you can always go all out with it dressing and completely acting like the opposite sex or you could do something as simple as drawing a mustache if you are a woman or putting a long haired wig for men. Here are a couple things that you should keep in mind that will make you want to try it:

Understanding: Chances are this activity may produce a great deal of new information about yourself that you were not aware of before (just like being a dominant or a submissive) It can be an eye opener for things you have never noticed before about you.Empathy: When you cross-dress as the other gender, the world will may seem a bit different for you. This means you can understand a bit better how the other sex sees the world and that in turn will make you more empathic and understanding. Just like putting into someone else’s shoes, only quite literally this time, wink*. And it can also make you learn a couple or more things down the line…
    Balance: As you know, things are not black and white in life. So whether we are a man or a woman, chances are we have characteristics commonly associated with the other gender. We you cross dress you will try to reside in the opposite sex so you will need to be aware of what it means to be that gender. And in turn, you will need to find those characteristics in yourself.
      It’s OK to laugh: Sometimes you will think you look kind of ridiculous or that the whole scene is a bit silly, but is ok! Especially if you are role-playing with a partner. Not everything has to be super serious all the time, it can be silly, sexy and fun at the same time. Just embrace the experience wink*.
        Awareness is great: Cross dressers tend to be more aware of their surroundings in general. And that makes up for great sensations. You have to learn to focus on how that silk underwear feels or how the leather piece feels against your skin; later on, how it feels when someone is touching you or how that toy feels. That’s great because you will probably be more in tune with the sensations you experience and that brings a lot of pleasure wink*
          Sexual experiences are great: They can come in many forms. Maybe you enjoy having a wig on while having sex or maybe your partner enjoys putting some boxers…Maybe you enjoy being penetrated. The point here is there a lot of combinations you can try or that turn people on. So be open; you guys will need to experiment what works for you and what doesn’t. In the meantime you can always try to play with several toys so see what sticks and what doesn’t.
            Dildos are good: Maybe you are a woman who enjoys to feel a flaccid cock hanging down there, maybe you are a man in drag who loves to be penetrated by its partner, at the end, dildos. They can be realistic or they can be found in colors not found in nature (call me when you find a blue cock…not just blue balls, wink*). It can be a great way to experiment with gender play and learn that maybe as a man you also love to be the receiver instead of the penetrator or that you as a woman love to be the one penetrating, you may be surprised. And another good thing? They can be used solo, so if you don’t have a partner, you can still reap the benefits.

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