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3 Sex Fetishes to Try When You Are Pregnant

Being pregnant can be one of the most amazing events in a woman’s life. It is the anticipation of being a parent. But it can also be the chance for a new chapter in your sexual life as a couple. It is like an invitation to a whole new realm of fetishes and fantasies to give the two of you new experiences and more intense orgasms together. The transformation of a woman’s body during pregnancy allows it to reach new levels of sexuality. Thus, she might have erogenous zones she did not use to have before getting pregnant. The condition could also raise her awareness of this. As her partner, you can explore these new zones with her and enjoy unique sexual encounters. If you are not familiar with the amazing aspects of sex during pregnancy, here are some intense fetishes you and your partner must try!

1. Breasts bondage and nipple stimulation

When pregnant, a woman’s breasts tend to become extremely sensitive! You can stimulate them easily with the touch of your bare hand likewise by sucking and kissing them. Then again, you can rely on nipple stimulators such as a pair of nipple clamps. If you are into BDSM fetishes and fantasies, go ahead and try breast bondage with a rope then see how intense your sexual encounters can get! However, you have to take it step by step and not go too far with the stimulation. Bear in mind, the sensitivity of a woman’s breasts can be of a medical way and not only sexual. So, pay attention to the way you use the rope and try not to tie it too tight. Otherwise, you risk making your lover uncomfortable. As a result, turn her pleasure to discontent during your sexual encounter. No doubt, these feelings are the last thing you want to surface. Remember, every BDSM fetish has to be reasonable, safe and agreeable for all partners involved. Hence, when it is so then you can be sure to reach amazing levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Moreover, you and your partners can experience intense orgasms. You can also get creative and give your lover an orgasm by only stimulating their breasts sans sexual intercourse. Be ready to enjoy the amazing outcome from doing so!

2. Anal sex

Anal sex is another form of sexual pleasure you can explore during pregnancy even if you have not tried it before. You should know pregnant women tend to be more experimental due to the surge of hormones during this time of their life. So, it could be the opportune time to try a new sexual fetish or fantasy. If your girl is a beginner when it comes to anal sex, then it would be best to use a small- or medium-sized butt plug to get her started. When she enjoys these types of sex toys then you can increase the size of the butt plug. You can even take it further if both of you are willing to take it to the next level. How about anal intercourse? Be ready for an amazing sexual orgasm when you do. Just remember to use lubricant to make it as comfortable as possible for both of you. Moreover, take your time and pay attention to her reactions. You want to make sure the level of sexual pleasure is bigger than the level of pain.

3. Impact play

Impact play is another BDSM fetish quite popular among expecting couples. However, it shouldn’t be taken to an edge play level. Remember, you do not want to give your lover more pain than pleasure. You can also try using a nice paddle or even a flogger for some impact play with your partner as part of foreplay or even during sexual intercourse. In fact, you can add impact play into many sex scenes. Increase its intensity as you both enjoy it!

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