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4 Ways to Excite a Pregnant Woman’s Breasts

Pregnant women have extremely sensitive nipples and this can only work to your advantage when it comes to having a more intense BDSM scene. So consider yourself lucky, if you have a pregnant submissive partner. Not only will you have an incredible sexual experience but your lover will be grateful for all your stimulation and bondage ideas. So, let’s see what are the best stimulation toys and accessories to take advantage of your pregnant lover’s excited and sensitive nipples.

  1. Nipple clamps 

Nipple clamps are one of the most popular sex toys when it comes to nipple stimulation. Pregnant women will love to wear a pair of these while they indulge in an intense session of sexual intercourse with their partner or while they have their genitalia stimulated with the right dildo or vibrator.

Nipple clamps with weights are also available and will no doubt excite women so much more if they are already familiar with the basic model. If visual stimulation is what you are looking for, then make your pregnant submissive partner wear non-piercing nipple jewelry so she looks amazing during your BDSM scene.

  1. Use your hands

Nipple toys and accessories are not the only way you can stimulate your lover’s breasts. Using your hands is just as effective, especially if you know what you are doing and you know what turns her on the most. Your lips are also a great way to stimulate your partner’s nipples. You will learn exactly how to do it in time. Some women like to have their nipples gently sucked while others prefer the hardcore version of having them bitten.

But as the dominant one, it will be up to you to decide the intensity of your sexual performance. Slapping your slave’s nipples can also be a great turn on for both of you especially if you use this method as a form of punishment and discipline.

  1. Electro-stimulating devices

Electro-stimulating devices have become very popular in the past couple of years. Many BDSM enthusiasts have discovered these devices and now prefer them over the classic sexual toys they have been used to. If your pregnant slave is willing to give these tools a try, then they can experience some intense nipple stimulation while you take care of the other parts of her body for an even greater orgasm during your BDSM session. But will you allow them to get to this point?

  1. Breast bondage

Your sexual experience will come in handy when choosing the right form of breast bondage for you to use on your next encounter. Then again, all you need for some quality breast bondage is a rope or a harness to limit your submissive partner’s ability to move while you stimulate the other parts of their body or engage in intense sexual intercourse with them. Remember pregnant women love breast bondage and if it is combined with a nipple stimulating method their orgasm can be reached in no time!

Keep in mind your pregnant lady can easily get more excited during this period of time. So, she will be more open to try new sexual experiences with you, even some she wouldn’t even consider trying before. This is the miracle of what pregnancy can do to a woman and there is no need for you to miss out on the fun!

However, regardless of the type of sexual stimulation or BDSM scene you are planning to perform, always keep the safety of your lady in mind, especially when she is about to become a mother. Respect the main rules of every BDSM scene, “safe, sane and consensual.” When you do, everything will be as intense as you expect it to be and both of you will have an amazing time together.

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