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Everything You Must Know About Steel Anal Hooks

Ass (sorry, couldn’t resist wink*) you know, hooks are usually made out of stainless steel and they are also called tail, butt or ass hook. They tend to have a J shape and most of them have a ball at one end and an o-ring at the other to add some rope or restraints. And while they are extremely pleasurable for men because they stimulate the prostate directly, women can also enjoy them…a great deal wink*.

There are many reasons why people love them. First, they are very popular in BDSM play when someone is doing some posture training because the sub has to maintain a perfect straight position with the back arched inwards to the upper spine and the chest has to be lifted. You can imagine how erotic that can be, right? Just as well, moving the hook in certain ways also provides stimulation, especially if a man is wearing one (hello prostate). Some people love to incorporate them to complex bondage scenarios, but others just love to use them on their own. Both are extremely valid, I promise you will have fun either way.

Anal hooks are more rigid and inflexible than other anal toys, so you must be careful. I recommend doing a little test run during a soft scene to see how things work and how the hook works with your partner in crime’s body. Test different positions, that way the person wearing the hook can know what to expect when you are doing something more advanced and moving around more. The person wearing it also has to communicate how they are feeling the hook; remember the hook can cause damage if things are not right. And never, ever fast pull it or jerk it! That is a recipe for disaster. By the way, before you actually use it, make sure all the edges are rounded and smooth, especially when you first get one. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

In order to assure play time goes smoothly and both have fun, always agree on a safe word (although I’m sure you guys already have one, right? Wink*). As usual, stop right away if you feel discomfort or pain because you shouldn’t experience any of that during the use of hooks. Something I also recommend is starting and using with a model that has a ball on one end to assure the ball stays in place and distributes the pulling and tugging over a larger zone.

While it may sound tempting, anal hooks are not made for suspension, so don’t do that. You have to also be careful not to tie off the hooks too tightly and never share or use hooks if they are not sterilized…there are several things you should not share before cleaning properly wink*.

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